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Fake Experimental branch


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yesterday players noticed, that A3Launcher automacically detect my server as experimental 1.1.1 so A3L starting Arma with exp. client automatically. Than game version don't match of course. Until yesterday everything was fine. At what kind of settings on server is this related, or some issue in A3L? I don't know, because on server no changes for some weeks since last epoch update 1.1.0. Thanks for help.

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Happened to me as well. Not sure what I did but, must have loaded the server with the right key but, experimental client mod files when I investigated.

You can see this by looking in your server's @epoch folder and checking the meta.cpp. if it says epochexperimental in this field:

name = "Epoch";

....then it's wrong. All you simply need to do is stop your server, grab the correct client mod from your steam workshop or, the epoch mod download options and replace the @epoch folder on your server.
My guess is that maybe the experimental version of the client came through with the initial release of 1.1.0. But, I'm not complaining or pointing any fingers as it's up to us to check this stuff :)

Also, worth noting that it will work on the vanilla arma launcher immediately but, can take a while to update in a3launcher.com 

Let me know if this sorts you out though. Very quick fix and worked for me.

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I downloaded client 1.1.0 from HTTP#1 link on Epoch main page right after was born :-)

protocol = 1;
publishedid = 455221958;
name = "EpochExperimental";
timestamp = 5248253343742751592;

Thanks for help.

PS: Checked now, on HTTP#1 link is still this stuff :-)

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