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BRPVP Arma 3 Mission

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AFTER v020:

- Fort Defend mission. Defend the fort against waves of zombies and AI units, win money and items.
- You can use spoting services to spot a player. This service is acquired in the Obscure Traders.
- You now can use jump to unstuck yourself when stuck-floating above a geometry (vehicles, walls, etc).
- The extra jump velocity done by surround geometry is now limited to 2 m/s.
- The excedent of items tranference action is now put on the foot of the player executing the action.
- Code optimizations to reduce the number of opened subscripts with small duration.
- The small Tanoan hangar now can be lock picked.
- Tweaked code to avoid buildings doors out of sync in different players machines.
- The rewards on Fort Defend mission now goes to player wallet and not the player bank account.
- You can construct a item that clean the trees and bushs 50 meters arround it.
- You can place a shovel near a tree to remove that tree.
- You can add trees to your base with the construction kit trees.
- Radioactive areas with valuable loot. Use vodka to attenuate radiation effects.
- more to come...

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