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fireplace upgrading makes arma3 crashes

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Build a fireplace and while adding a woodlog its back to the desktop

Tested with a vanilla epoch also same result , most likely a A3-1.68 event



Well this shows how stupids like ME messup they make changes to the 3 files  like Heman mentioned https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/c477b9bf58fa77858eab189bb7ce2faacd4330d0

And we do so , so we still fine

And next made some coffee got back and just replaced the folderwith the old former 1 , ergo we just undid/do/done the fixes

So we could delete this stupidity , but i think this realy shows how stupid can you go !!!

Must be a wetawd that has his bwains eaten

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