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So i did a server wipe and got rid of any previous mods and started a clean install.


i installed both server (epoch hive) and client (epoch) file on the server itself and declared them on server mod page. I am using Filezilla to adjust files for a windows server not linux. So the error i keep getting is this



Warning Message: Addon 'A3_epoch_config' requires addon 'A3_epoch_assets_3'


i may haveve installed the server epoch files wrong i could not find anything  that told me what i was suppose to do exactly.  I have had other mods so i thought i had a good handle on this and nope .....



any help is good i cant find anything on this on youtube or google




This is an install on rented server not home server.




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Current Server Build: 0.3.9 build(570) for Arma 3 v1.60

Download Server Build

Unzip download

Go in unzipped download

Go to Server_Install_Pack (FOLDER)

Open INSTALL.txt

A3 EPOCH Server Install Guide


Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013:


1. Remove any previous @Epoch folders and Install A3 Epoch client files (@Epoch) into Arma3 root directory.
2. Copy the pcre3.dll and @EpochHive folder into your Arma3 root directory.
3. Open "DB" folder and start redis-server.exe with the parameter "redis.conf" or use start-redis.cmd. (Only one redis instance is needed per box, All servers connecting to the same redis will share character data by default.)
4. Open @EpochHive folder and edit EpochServer.ini BattlEyePath to match your server path to Battleye.
5. If running multiple servers on the same box, open "@EpochHive" folder and edit the "EpochServer.ini" setting "InstanceID" to a unique string for each A3 Epoch server.
6. Open "SC" folder and rename server-example.cfg to server.cfg edit the server.cfg server name, password, etc.
7. Open the SC/Battleye folder and rename example-BEServer.cfg to BEServer.cfg and change the RConPassword.
7. Look at the "start-A3-cmd-line-example.txt" file for an example command line for starting your server.


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So good news the server is up and running, but everytime i try to login and play the file transfer starts and hangs up at 60kb evertime.  On the steps you provided i couldnt get step 3 to work, never did 5 because it doesn't follow my situation, and step 7 im not sure what to do there but server is running on the rented server.

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I entered in someone elses vanilla server and it works good. So i must have some files screwed up or in wrong spot. I put epoch and epochhive into the main directory on server then i moved over db,sc,keys,mpmissions and tools folders to main directory


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