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Options for Group Hexagon and Waypoint Marker

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Is there anyway to add some functionality to change the overall appearance of the group hexagon and waypoint marker? Like change colors, make them bolder etc etc...

In talking with other players including those in my group, the vast majority (aside from those using 40 inch tv's for a monitor lol) have a horrible time trying to always locate the group hexagon or waypoint. Was hoping there might be a way to change them up to make them more visible.

One idea I had for waypoints was when you get into a vehicle it always shows the small radar in the top center and if you place a waypoint marker it shows an arrow or small square orange box pointing to it so you always know which direction to head for that marker. Why not an option to have that same kind of small radar while on foot and have it so you can move it to where you prefer on the screen or disable it of you prefer not to see it and instead fall back to the above options to make them more visable?


Just my 2 cents :)

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