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=BTC=_Logistic (DayZ Epoch Version)

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1 hour ago, l1nkrx7 said:

Thank you. But it has the same RscTitles class to be copied from description-addition.txt into description.ext which collides with the RscTitles class in \z\addons\dayz_code\gui\description.hpp . One could of course create a custom description.hpp and add the contents of description-addition.txt this or similar things to solve but I thought there is a more "out of the box" compatible version (or more recent installation instructions) somewhere.

An other small issue i found is Line 178 in =BTC=_Logistic\=BTC=_Lift\=BTC=_LiftInit.sqf

_chopper removeAction BTC_liftHudId;

Sometimes BTC_liftHudId is not initialized which causes script errors. I added a check there and it works good so far.

if (!isNil "BTC_liftHudId") then {_chopper removeAction BTC_liftHudId;};

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30 minutes ago, l1nkrx7 said:

never had any errors works fine adn as for the description.hpp one most common mods changes this to custom one think its coins mod

Script errors usually hidden in Arma 2 and showed by -showScriptErrors parameter i guess. I got the mentioned error as i entered a helicopter als passenger before sitting on the pilot seat.

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