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  1. Any chance you might know what's causing vehicles being lifted to suddenly become detached? so far it seems to happen frequently on my server when a heli is slowing down.
  2. I'm having a very similar issue as well. Had the script working great for a while now, but now some of the objects disappear on placement (for both admin and non-admin), yet, some other objects seem to work jsut fine.
  3. I got both and they work 100% fine together. Just double and triple check you got absolutely everything done right for both mods and you should be fine.
  4. Hey there, I'm having issues with people blowing out all the tires on locked cars and trying to figure out who is actually doing it. I came across an older thread regarding destruction logs, but it didn't cover more minor damage, like destroying tires. Would anyone have any idea how to get it working for damage to vehicles instead of their complete destruction?
  5. Hm, any chance we can get an update of this with killboards please?
  6. Hm, so no one has any idea how to get this working?
  7. Hey, was wondering if someone knew how to make it so you can pickup the static weapon backpacks again upon deconstructing the weapons? I'm able to get it to sell me the backpacks and place them down properly, but I cannot pick them up again. any ideas?
  8. Hm, no one have any idea how i'd go about doing this?
  9. Hey, was wondering if there's any way to reduce the total of running missions? My server host sadly can't handle having soo many AI on map at once, so ideally I'd like to keep the missions, but only have 1 spawn at a time....any way to do this?
  10. The server has a handful of edits in there, but nothing mind-bogglingly long as far as I know, and this person is the only one who is having these issues. If it was what you mentioned, wouldn't the problem persist for everyone and not just him?
  11. Alright, so one of my players is having a bad problem with scroll menus. More often than not, none of the scroll emnus will appear for him when he tries to access them (traders, refuelding, bloodbag, etc.) and will magically appear several minutes later and wont go away from that point on. I've had him reinstall the entire game and mod after doing a complete wipe, had him go into the cfg's and do all the optimizations he can, yet seems to make no difference at all. Anyone got some insight as to what he can do to try and fix this?
  12. Hope to see this come out soon, I'm looking for an AI base for my napf server.
  13. Well, I applied the newest version of the mod onto my server, people are still able to chain vehicles together in giant congo-lines......
  14. Good to hear that work is still being done on this :) And yes, i'd definitely consider this an exploit. I mean, the system itself is based around a pseudo-weight system, just like BTC is, so I'd think a hummer thats towing 7+ cars, and is being carried by a helicopter is a bit.....yeah, a very undesired feature. Also, another bug thing. People are able to get in/stay in the vehicles as they're being towed. Not sure if that's intended, but its probly not a good thing.
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