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Starting loadout & godmode in traders

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Two questions:

1. Is there a way of modifying the custom loadout without changing it in writer.pl? And if not, will modifying it and re-running writer.pl affect any of my settings? Figured this one out. I am dumb. Just the trader thing.

2. How would I go about enabling godmode in the traders? As of right now, the "safe zone" at the traders does not work - AI still spawn regardless, and they will kill you inside the traders. It's pretty annoying.

In fact, in regards to my second question, is there a reason the safe zone is borked? In the DZAI config, it says that AI will not spawn around you if you're within 200m of the traders, yet they continue to spawn (and inside my other "safe zones" I've set up).



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i had a really hard time to set up safe zones.

I used the Infistar Safezones to handle it.


regarding the Ai, remove the complete Novi / Starry spawn zones and youre good to go, the whole "not spawn"-routine doesnt work reliable

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