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  1. Thanks Guys :) that did the trick. I added cup - maps and were good to go!
  2. alright, thanks so far. Im now using CUP Core but I get almost the same error now: I feel like umfufu pointed on the right thing there but i dont know what to with it. I have the same entries in my \mpmissions\epoch.Chernarus\misson.sqm as he stated. I just cant figure out where this cup_chernarus_config should be since all i should have to do is place the folder in my root-dir (and in this folder is no such config) and copy the keys.
  3. Cheers, as you see this shows up in my rpt. Google tells me "__cur_mp...." is related with the currency addon, which should be horribly wrong at least to my understanding. The server is freshly installed, I copied the @allinarmaterrainpack into the root folder (the same where @epoch is located). Either this Folder should be created automatically or I have to get it from somewhere, either way I simply dont know do i get this folder :/ Any help would be appreciated
  4. dunno where to handle the whitelist but you have to create .php file to get the restart msg. If you have infistar or some other admintools they can setup a whitelist
  5. If you stick to this Thread http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/4584-tutorial-how-to-install-linux-server-epoch-v103/ Its rather easy to install (if no error show up.. ;-) ) and this will provide you automatically with all files you need to run / start / restart the server
  6. to be honest, I dont understand what youre asking for ^^ Do you want someone who uploads his starter.sh for you?
  7. i had a really hard time to set up safe zones. I used the Infistar Safezones to handle it. regarding the Ai, remove the complete Novi / Starry spawn zones and youre good to go, the whole "not spawn"-routine doesnt work reliable
  8. 0 0,4,8,12,16,20 * * * /home/epoch/serverdownloads/epoch/restarter.pl I you use that in me crontab and the server restarts every 4 hours you have a cd in front of the restart, that way youre telling your server to change his current folder to this one but it wont execute anything. remove the cd and you should be fine
  9. I dont use the script myself but i saw it on another server, there the deposit limit is 999.999 too. Thats why i guess that there is indeed a limit at 999.999.
  10. If I understood it right the cache does simply "save" the database in an excluded file and syncs it from time to time with the "real" database. Even if this isnt too accurate, I made a lot of changes in the database itself and they all showed up on the server, thats being saied i believe you can ignore the cache files in matter of implementing non locked vehicles. An hole other thing is if it comes down to locked (hive) vehicles, there the cache is indeed important and so far no one figured rly out how to "bypass" it :)
  11. im quite sure this shouldnt be a big problem to do on linux. instead of a batch you need a bash or shell to execute the refresh. you have to look up how to access the mysql via bash but the syntax should be almost the same. the only thing which im not sure about is how the restartroutine should look like... To cut it short, he explained it quite well what to do, all you have to do is to check how the commands are difrent in linux and to "translate" it. Since I dont know them myself without looking them up I cant give you a finished example, sry ;-)
  12. To be honest I dont know too much about the spawnroutines but as far as I see it Players need to get a Location, how else should they spawn in without getting a location on the map? :) Do you also have the problem if you reverse your changes with genderselection? I believe there are some stumbling packs ...
  13. send em over ill take a look :)
  14. well, yeah, i have it running, without p4l so where do you have the problem? :)
  15. hm I used PlotManagement ( ) to solve this riddle since i was too lazy to implement the (better but more complicated) other solutions
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