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Trader Menu Bug (Player to Player)


I've been having an issue on my server where players can access the trader menu on other players that have the same skin as the traders. (i.e., Functionary_EP1_DZ, and etc.) Has anyone in this great community have a way to fix this problem? 

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If i'm not wrong, traders must have skins that players can't wear. So if one of your player is wearing a Functionary_EP1_DZ skin, it's normal that other players can access the trade menu on him.

You have to change the skin of your trader in your server_traders.sqf or prevent players to wear that skin.

Try to change Functionary_EP1_DZ by Functionay1_EP1 in your server_traders.sqf and it should work. You have to change it on top of the file in the array :

serverTraders = []

and in the trader line :

menu_Functionary_EP1_DZ = [
	[["Bikes And Atv",587],["Buses And Vans",588],["Cargo Trucks",586],["Fuel Trucks",589],["Military Unarmed",598],["Trucks",590],["Used Cars",520],["Utility Vehicles",591],["Overwatch Civ Car",1015],["Overwatch Nissian Car",1016]],

(don't use the entire line i gave you, it's just an exemple to show you what you have to modify).

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Two ways go to dayz server - Missions - mission.sqf (yours instance ) change menu_functionary_ep1_dz to some other skin and also make a change in server_traders.sqf or dnt allow player to use that skin 

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