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  1. The problem with this has been mentioned in the previous pages. The player needs to remove items from toolbelt if full (2 items) if im not mistaken then they/you will be able to purchase items. I would create a server message that states that so it would save you the trouble of having to explain it to your players constantly, because I don't think Zupa has a fix for this problem yet.
  2. Step 1: Go to said file (ZSCdefines.hpp) Step 2: Search for line that says ZSC_RscScrollBar Step 3: Select said line and what follows after it... class ZSC_RscScrollBar { color[] = {1,1,1,0.6}; colorActive[] = {1,1,1,1}; colorDisabled[] = {1,1,1,0.3}; shadow = 0; scrollSpeed = 0.06; width = 0; height = 0; autoScrollEnabled = 0; autoScrollSpeed = -1; autoScrollDelay = 5; autoScrollRewind = 0; }; Step 4: Delete those lines Step 5: Save file And.... Whallah! Step 6: If needed... Repeat until all conflicting lines are gone.
  3. go into advancedTrading.hpp and find the line that starts with ZSC_RscButtonMenu and delete it from the file.
  4. my players are complaining about the loot boxes not appearing. Anyone else having problems with this or know a fix?
  5. I've been having an issue on my server where players can access the trader menu on other players that have the same skin as the traders. (i.e., Functionary_EP1_DZ, and etc.) Has anyone in this great community have a way to fix this problem?
  6. How would I do that? I'm fairly new to scripting/editing
  7. Here is screenshot http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=501240673
  8. Okay so i found a better script but im having problems with the trader spawning off the map in debug sometimes... can anyone please help me? this is the init.sqf for maca134's roaming trader
  9. The trader spawns in debug sometimes, how do i fix this?
  10. This trader sometimes spawns off the map of chernarus. Is there a way to fix this that way it stays inside chernarus?
  11. So would I need to just remove the player skin so that the option doesn't become available zupa?
  12. Longshot03XX

    Roaming Trader

    Okay so I am interested in setting up a roaming trader that only moves after every restart and sells high-end weapons/vehicles. If anyone has a way to help or contribute please feel free. **This is not my script** This work is Inkko's Some issues that I've ran into so far are just the design of the trader and it being underground or not spawning on leveled ground.
  13. I've went through all the pages to find out if there was fix for players being able to pull up a trader menu on the functionary skin, can anyone point me in the right direction to fix this problem? issue: Player scrolls on other player that has functionary skin (business suit) and has the advanced trader menu.
  14. Longshot03XX


    So I got a script restriction and couldn't figure out how to resolve it. Was wondering if anyone could help a brotha out. If you have any solutions please feel free to reply. Thank you in advance! I've tried multiple things to resolve this kick, but they didn't work. Can anyone please help. Here is my scripts.log I tried to use these: !=""5 = createMarker["MainMarker752", M2Coords];" !=""r75 = createMarker["MainMarker75", MCoords];"
  15. I get a battleye script restriction #43 kick scripts.log I've tried several things... can anyone help me please?
  16. Got it to work for my chernarus server thanks to blckeagls and the rest of the community for posting their fixes in the forum. Wished the zombies actually looked like zombies though, but overall great script!!!
  17. I got it to work thanks cyncrwler and Halvhjearne I didn't see a run.sqf anywhere in my pbos
  18. Yea but I run my server through gtxgaming and there are a lot of things that we cannot access unless we purchase the full version through infistar
  19. Wouldn't i need access to antihacks to be able to whitelist the script?
  20. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I get a script restriction #1 and I don't know how to fix it. Can someone please help me. scripts.log this is what I tried to do
  21. your download link isn't working SpiRe
  22. Im getting battleye kick 25.04.2015 23:35:17: devildog ( xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - #40 "nPoint = false; }; uiSleep 5; waitUntil { inSpawnPoint }; createDialog "spaz_spawn"; [] execVM "Spaz_Spawn.sqf"; noesckey = (fin"
  23. If you have coin currency on your server I recommend adding these lines around line 600 or so
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