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Terrain Making Tips


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I'm not sure if this will work well here, but there's a lot of holes in general knowledge over the process of terrain making, and after seeing all the chat from some of the pros and all their insight, it seems wasted not to document it in some way.  This might not be the right approach, but I'm just gonna hack it for now.  I've started saving text files sorted by certain topics, so I'll just link to those text files for now, that way if I need to change anything I can just edit the text file, easy peasy.  If someone wants to do something different, have at it.  If anyone wants to pitch in... I mean, you can post something in this thread and I'll try to add it, unless you have another idea.
"sat" or satellite map = Image painted/rendered over your terrain and can be viewed from a set distance in-game where objects/ground textures/clutter isn't visible.
"mask" = Mask image of your satellite map which defines placing of ground textures based on a defined set of colors.
"hm" or height map = Can be generated in different ways and defines the altitude throughout your terrain.
A2/A3 = Arma 2/Arma 3.
TB = Terrain Builder, provided by BI Tools.
Bulldozer = A model (Object Builder) / map (Terrain Builder) viewing tool and was formerly known as Oxygen Viewer.
V3 = Visitor 3, a tool provided to modders before TB was released.
clutter = Ground clutter is drawn in-game along with ground textures and usually includes types of grasses, small stones, etc.
Matching heightmap with satmap
Using clone tool to copy areas
Random colors generated in mask
How many ground textures?
Surface layer size?
Unspecified ground textures appearing
Determining mask color proximity
Unwanted colors generated in mask
Process for doing your mask
Where to put object files
Objects missing textures
2D vs 3D sidewalks and railroad tracks
Ponds in Arma 3
Roads not showing in-game
Show placed road objects on sat map
Why are A2 road terminators(konec) reversed?
Suggested order for placing objects
About World Tools
Binarise crashes when packing
Smoothing in Terrain Builder
Executing scripts in Terrain Builder
Extract roads into TBv3 to use smoothing script?
Difference between placing objects in TB -vs- editor
Where does TB load from when rebuilding?
How to check tide?
How to view sat in V3?
About Deroad Tool in Mikeros Tools
How many ground textures in V3?

Position of terrain shifts when rebuilding
City name markers not showing
Show buildings on in-game map
Tartan bug

Versioning suggestions

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