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could I alternate the terain of napf ?

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Hi beloved forum people,



As you can see is this my first post, and hopefully not my last.  So yes am a bambi on server, custom stuff and so on.

But I would like to start with a project that would involve to edit the terain of napf as map itself.


No, I am not gonna steal Momo's work. And yes I will ask his permission to do this in the first place. :)

But before I ask, would it be possible to load the napf map in the program tool L3DT ?


what files would I need ?

I searched google and epoch forums for the map napf as a file, but think I need to ask Momo for the mapfile.....


I would like to create a mine area on the map. Not just a quary but a mine that spiral down in to the earth.

like the big mines.


I know I have much to learn, but need to start somewhere....


thanks for the given support


grz Crash





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You would need his terrain file (either .asc or .xyz) and all the other files like the sat, mask and normals.

Then you would need his clutter and config files, all the rvmats etc


I very much doubt a terrain builder would share this, so i'll bet the answer is no.

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I know this is an Arma 2 post, but just to let you know we are working on Napf for Arma 3 - we have fixed the satellite map and a number of issues and we're still working on it. We're doing this with the authors permission. It's up on our Arma 3 epoch server with some of the fixes. We'll be updating the server with the latest version of the map soon.


Best regards,



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