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[FIX] Dayz Taviana and Epoch missing kh_dayztaviana content


I believe I have found a fix for the common missing downloadable content kh_dayztaviana when you are trying to run a dayz epoch taviana 2.0 server. This may come as a stunner and I am not 100% if this is the solution but it does get rid of the error and does not seem to have any negative impact on the servers.


In your mission.sqm in the mission.pbo simply add "kh_dayztaviana", under "tavi" for the addons.


For Example:


Pack up the pbo and reinsert it to the server.


Now on an end note:


I do believe this will fix it, code has been run on the server to see if anything from kh_dayztaviana is being called through variables/arrays and nothing was found so far, but please if you do find something that is wrong or is having an impact on the server please inform me.


We currently have a 100% tested and running dayz.st test server for Epoch Taviana 2.0 that you can join through dayz commander by adding [email protected] in the launch parameters and plan on making this a full release for all of our customers. http://i.imgur.com/uReBbmY.png

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Could you go in to more detail about the issue and what you are experiencing.


As long as you add in the tavi and epoch bikeys you should not be having any issues, may I also ask which version you are using, Taviana 2.0 from DayZTaviana.com or Taviana 1.5.1 from DayzLand.EU?

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I've run the Taviana w/ Epoch that is recommended by Epoch with success, but I think I would receive more people online if they were able to download the DayZ Taviana 2.0 from Commander directly.



Where would you receive the Tavi Keys for the Taviana 2.0? When someone joins they receive the error



Files ....... are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To lay on this server, remove listed files or install accepted keys.

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