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  1. We'll be updating to at some point tonight, we already have all the updates ready and were just waiting for it to be pushed to dzc which took awhile. One of our staff has the files ready atm but he is currently taking care of some rl stuff but we should hopefully get everything done at some point tonight. If all goes well, we also have lingor and panthera ready to go for testing and if that works out we will be pushing it to all servers as well.
  2. The problem with sahrani is that it isn't ported properly, this should be fixed in since they are now using the correct mission files: [ADDED] Proper mission file support and bikeys for SMD Sara A2 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162282-SMD_Sara_A2-Full-Sahrani-Map-Port-Initial-Release
  3. Resolved the calls sorry :D, going to implement two black market traders one at Branibor and one at Sabina. Will have it added by tonight.
  4. Josh from DZC has not yet added in the functionality for it to auto-detect the mod/map with Epoch. We have been trying to push him for the past month to do it and he said he would but so far nothing yet, but he does have a lot to deal with being a new father and all. We hope that he can get it done soon though. Simply add [email protected]; to your additional launch parameters in the settings tab from DZC.
  5. Thank you Richie, and as you said the main fix to not have to deal with database issues etc is to set up a dedicated box that just has one server instance running, but you'll be paying a lot more than $30/month, which for some people is not a possibility due to cost issues.
  6. We've been looking into spreading our databases out instead of having a centralized database to hopefully resolve some issues with lag/desync, but you also have to remember that lag is mainly caused by the amount of scripts you have installed on your server as well as excessive RPT logging due to battleye, you can review your scripts in battleye and comment the ones you don't want to log by placing a // in front of them and this will prevent from excess logging. Ping times are affected by many external factors, and obviously we cannot guarantee any particular latency standards given all of the different ISP's and routers in between players and our server. As well as excessive amount of items in the database that needs to be loaded, with epoch itself it is constantly verifying player items/movements/etc. and with the arma engine itself each and every thing that is done in the server is also logged so this by itself has a major factor on how a server runs, any antihack will also cause excessive logging due to it also having to record every thing going on within the server and players. I could go on and on about what are known issues to cause issues with lag/desync between servers and databases but what I have outlined so far is the majority of the issues.
  7. You're very welcome, and glad that you chose us :)
  8. Yes this is true, due to the high demand for either the time to be increased or disabled we have set it to where there is no decay for any epoch server.
  9. Here is what you can replace to get it to show in the middle of the screen: [nil,nil,rTitleText,"Bandits or Pirates? We found their treasure, Check your Map for the Location!", "PLAIN",10] call RE; Simply replace the following code with the above code: _hint = parseText format["<t align='center' color='#FFFF66' shadow='2' size='1.75'>Treasure Crate</t><br/><t align='center' color='#ffffff'>Bandits or Pirates? We found their treasure, Check your Map for the Location!</t>"]; customRemoteMessage = ['hint', _hint]; publicVariable "customRemoteMessage";
  10. It's possible but you still have a risk of them either landing on a wall or something else making it impossible to get in to or take off in. The only areas that I can think of that would cause that issue is my hero trader and maybe branibor. If there are others let me know but I will go in and edit it accordingly so it can be used with both parachuting and regular spawning of vehicles that are bought.
  11. It is designed for use with the DZE_TRADER_SPAWNMODE = false; because I have ran into a lot of regular occurrences with using it on true that even the default traders on chernarus and taviana spawn them in and they parachute to the wrong place and blow up.
  12. Added in the deathboards to the four main trader cities, everything can be taken from my git.
  13. That is actually one thing I did not think about adding when I was doing this, I will get one added in each city tomorrow.
  14. You can add supplies through the control panel map's inventory editor, simply open it up click on your character edit loadout and go to the other section which has building supplies, we are currently in the process of adding in epoch specific tabs to make navigation easier.
  15. I resolved the issue with the Dubovo Vendor, pushed the fixes to the github, just need to grab the new mission.sqf/sqm and the miscvendor.sqf from the traders folder. :)
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