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A couple of Overpoch issues [350z from trader not spawning and gun purchase stacking]




I usually end up being able to fix my own bugs, but am stumped this time around! Any help would be great thanks!




1. Trying to purchase some of the new OW vehicles from the trader, and they don't spawn, when others do. It does take the $ though.

    The ones in the attached pic with the classname only descriptions do not work.

    This RPT error: 


File nissan_350z\config.cpp, line 244: '/CfgVehicles/350zBase/Library.libTextDesc': Missing ';' prior '}'
2. Overwatch weapons can be purchased from the vendor, even if you have another weapon in-hand. (They stack)
    This happens even when I use an original Epoch vendor or a new vendor.
    When I try to buy original Epoch weapons, it tells me to drop my current weapon. (which is the correct function)


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