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  1. Sigh - youre still missing the point. I put hundreds of $ into hosting a server, and hundreds of hours into making custom content for it also. It's not about the money. It's hard enough getting people to buy Arma3 to play this mod. If they want to sell the models, then give us that option for a couple of $... we don't want to pay for stuff we are not going to use. I think the only solution here is to run a DLC-free server and use replacement content from the community. Fragmented community across servers. Fragmented players per game. Good one BI.
  2. Smokey

    DLC Vehicles

    It's not about the $ for me. It's that I know its just going to create complications and put people off.
  3. Smokey

    DLC Vehicles

    My issue with the DLC vehicles is that we only use the model right? I don't take issue with them wanting $ for the extra content they created, but having to pay for the flight model when I just want to jump in a model in Epoch seems crazy. Can't the models be cloned for the mod?
  4. I think youre missing the point. This is just a model of a heli. Any campaign or advanced flight model won't carry over into the mod, so why would it be something to pay for?
  5. Yes, this is a bit silly. It's hard enough getting friends to commit to buying 'always full price' Arma3 so they can play the mod. The Helicopters DLC has additional simulation modes correct? Shouldnt be forced to pay for a couple of models. Can anyone confirm if this is just a bug?
  6. I originally had my Bash trader at the barn west of Vybor and I was going to pimp it out. I ended up moving it to the field on the hill between Lopatino and NWAF.... http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/579030689097611535/E7B295B717F81BCEA7022DE11428C1BBEE06FBC1/2048x1152.resizedimage I'll do some more releasing this arvo!
  7. I've been working on new areas this weekend to add to the next rev. New Berez Wholesaler https://fbcdn-sphoto...755633838_o.jpg New Dynamic Loot Area at Rify https://fbcdn-sphoto...786855438_o.jpg I'll try to put together some release stuff this week.
  8. Rev1 released. Novy Trader Staroye Trader Bor Trader Stary Tents See first post for attachments.
  9. Hi guys, been super busy at work and in the process of getting it up and running with and overpoch. I had to modify my code for the classified area to account for the way loot works now. Can be seen in person at: steam://rungameid/33930//-connect=blackmarketgaming.net:3302
  10. Well, somehow that was causing the 2nd issue also. Will leave this here for future reference.
  11. Ok I figured out the first one. The classnames source file I borrowed had the wrong classname for those vehicles, they shouldnt have the _DZ on the end.
  12. Heyas, I usually end up being able to fix my own bugs, but am stumped this time around! Any help would be great thanks! Symptoms: 1. Trying to purchase some of the new OW vehicles from the trader, and they don't spawn, when others do. It does take the $ though. The ones in the attached pic with the classname only descriptions do not work. This RPT error: File nissan_350z\config.cpp, line 244: '/CfgVehicles/350zBase/Library.libTextDesc': Missing ';' prior '}' 2. Overwatch weapons can be purchased from the vendor, even if you have another weapon in-hand. (They stack) This happens even when I use an original Epoch vendor or a new vendor. When I try to buy original Epoch weapons, it tells me to drop my current weapon. (which is the correct function)
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