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Im running a 64 slot dayz server and today i tried to install dzms on it.

I followed the short instructions, and now that i uploaded the dayz_server.pbo, just nothing happens. What did i do wrong?


I unpacked the old dayz_server.pbo, added the dzms folder, edited the server_monitor and added the line

[] ExecVM "\mypathtothefolders\addons\dayz_server\DZMS\DZMSInit.sqf";

just on top of the allowconnection=true

repacked it and uploaded it to the server.


I am not that much of an IT guy, help would be greatly appreciated.



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Can anybody please please please upload a working server and missions pbo with dzms.

We have been trying for 4 days now and this shit just does'nt fucking work, maybe im to retarded, but I'm not a fucking programmer and I gave too many shits about confusing fucking tutorials and all of them are either wrong or disagree on the way and method to install those damn fucks of server modifications.

If there is anybody with a small sense of empathy, please upload the working pbo's!

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