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  1. Hmm i ran into that trying to run a overpoch server, would you be willing to share some insight on how you setup this overpochins server please kind sir?
  2. Well I officially give up, I have tried f*&^ing everything. and all I want is a damn Lingor Epoch server. Session lost, player without identity..... what in the f&^#.
  3. Hell, I cannot even get the generic Chernarus mission to load... steamPort = 49152; steamQueryPort = 49153; Both forwarded... Mission is pbo'd... everything anti bad disabled... (battleye, kick on invalid data) what in the actual f&^#...
  4. So I havent made a server since 1.62, with 1.63 I think I am missing some steps, so please those of you who have current servers lend a hand, appreciate it. 1. I downloaded Arma2 and Arma2OA from steam, ran them both all good. 2. I downloaded the current versions of Epoch, Epoch Server files, and Lingor from the armaholic page (says its 1.5, commander says its 1.3?) 3. Made a master folder with A2 and A2OA merged. 4.Copied the mod folders @Dayz_Epoch, @Dayz_Epoch_Server 5.Edited all the nessecary files, init.sqf, server.cfg, hive.ext, blah blah. (I did check my work for syntax errors) 6. Database.... 7. When I run it the log entry is as follows: ===================================================================== == C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\arma2oaserver.exe == aRMA2OAserver.exe "-cpuCount=2" "-profiles=serverconfig" "-cfg=serverconfig\config.cfg" "-config=serverconfig\server.cfg" "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 2;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;@DayZ_Epoch;@lingor;" "-port=49155" ===================================================================== And all I get is : ALOT OF THIS - Warning Message: Size: '/' not an array Server error: Player without identity Karp (id ####) Now I have succesfully created previouse servers, No idea why I am struggiling.
  5. Great point! I guess I will cover the simple and basic ways of navigating, modifying your server, and using Google! Thanks for that, seriously, I should have started with those as the first aspect of my tutorials. and wow, no? I believe in helping everyone when you have the knowledge to do so. Look at all the help, insight, and just basic awesomeness of this forums/mod/community, they gave me a free amazing aspect of DayZ, why would I charge for something so simple as information? Thanks for the accusation. And sorry folks, I haven't been around lately, school is killing my free time. GG Raspberry PI. But tomorrow I am free and will begin the videos. (free of charge)
  6. This is the best method, the script listed earlier in this thread uses a function called skipTime, which has to be broadcasted to each user as the server updates aswell, I have played with this function many of times, and it seems that A2 cannot keep up with the constant change, especially while running something as big as DayZ. The constant flashes, and choppy clouds are the result of either the client trying to sync with the server, or vice versa, and thus causing a split second where it thinks it still daylight, or is moving to fast and results to light flashes and choppy clouds. While I have never gotten this to run smoothly on A2, it works wonders in A3, but that's a different story. With that being said I would try to fine tune your Hiveext.ini with the Static time variables, we have on our server it running 3hrs day, and 1hr night aas to tdriftx post..
  7. I agree, most of the trouble with implementing someones works, is that they either missed a step, or have no idea what that step means. And i figured with a video, and a voice, it might be easy to rewind, and visually see what to do. With your comment Randomness, I will implement some rambling descriptions of how the script works, e.g. Why you must put info in the init.sqf, or why you must call such script from a certain block of code, etc.
  8. I also have a question, I am trying to make a static object emit this technique. So I have placed a Warfare radar tower in the middle of a town, and am trying to have it teleport the zeds away, but not just if there is a player near by the tower (although that would make for some strategy), but if there is zeds near the tower. I have gotten it to work, but again, only if a player is near the tower. //--------------------------------------------------------------------- // Epoch Base Safe Area // By MadMartyr // Modified from generic ZombieShield code by felixberndt and meat //Modified by Karp for static usage on "objects" //--------------------------------------------------------------------- diag_log("[KarpCode]: AntiZombie Tower Radiating"); while {true} do { sleep 1; // No Zeds near Radar Tower //_playerPos = getPos player; _nearPole = nearestObject ["6063.2568, 931.34308"];//X,Y pos of object if (!isNull _nearPole) then { _pos2 = getPos _nearPole; _zombies2 = _pos2 nearEntities ["zZombie_Base", dayz_towerSafeArea];//dayz_towerSafeArea radius defined in init.sqf _count2 = count _zombies2; for "_i" from 0 to (_count2 -1) do { _zombie2 = _zombies2 select _i; _zombie2 setpos [-3367.739,-120.84577,-8247.0625]; }; }; };
  9. This could be possible with some conditional statements: //Set it to false to begin with _burningBarrel = false; while {true} do { sleep 10; //If fire is lit, switch variable to true if (!isNil "classNameOfBurningBarrel") then { _burningBarrel = true; }; // No Zeds near Plot Poles _playerPos = getPos player; _nearPole = nearestObject [_playerPos, "FireBarrel_DZ"]; if (_burningBarrel = true) then {//If fire is lit then... //blah blah }; }; }; No idea if this will work, That's just how it looks in my head :P but something along those lines. you need to have "when the fires lit, some variable set to true", then while that's true, the "safeBase" will be activated.
  10. Awesome, ya I forgot about freaking finals, so the first vid will have to be this friday, haha silly school....
  11. Bad a** sir! Thank you for your contribution, and awesome work.
  12. So I was wondering if there is a bypass to have the player made bases materials, such as the walls and floors be put in a different table without rewriting your hive read and write methods. I know changing the original code isnt a smart choice, and not plausible for vanilla epoch users. Just hopeful that there is a method to do so as my table is 1000+ lines and am not sure if its overwriting my vehicle spawns.
  13. Well I see that with many of these releases, people are asking/requesting for video tutorials on "how to" install mods/addons/scripts. Even though most of the authors provide a text based installation method, some are not as easy to follow as others. So I have taken it upon myself to make you guys some videos on how to install mods/addons/scripts to your server. I will take requests and provide as much help/feedback as I can, but this thread is mainly on providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to install mods/addons/scripts to your Epoch server. The only thing I ask from you, is that you have a basic knowledge of: Connecting to your database and being able to modify it Being able to modify files from your server, or from your computer Knowing your way around the server folder(s) & file(s) Basic knowledge with a text based editor (Notepad++ is amazing, and free!) Being able to use Google, seriously Being able to install software that I, or other mod authors provide/ use as an example, such as a .pbo extractor, and archive'r which I will teach you how to use Not getting pissed and rage quitting because you don't understand, that's why I am here Though I haven't installed all of them, I am confident I can provide enough information, and visual steps, to help you install requested mods/addons/scripts that I haven't yet took a look at. The first one I will upload today will be on installing and using Mikero's Pbo Extractor, and Maker. Then I will upload my 1st tutorial on how to install, use, and edit the Custom Epoch Event(s) or custom missions.
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