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  1. As far as im aware, the newest one. Also, good job bro, my server loves the Missions
  2. can any one tell me where i can make it so a player can get into the vehicles and use them?
  3. so i just started my epoch server and im fairly new to PC gaming (bad choice to start with a server) and i was wondering if any one would be interested in helping me put scripts and stuff like that in! Work will not be free, i will pay for your services as long as the stuff works! if your interested, best way to get in touch is email which is [email protected]! message me to get more details so we can figure something out!
  4. so i got infistar for my epoch server hosted by GTX, and i got evrything installed, checked everything multiple times, had a couple friends double check it as well. but heres my problem: when i go into game to try the anti hack, the menue doesnt come up. i made sure i put the following line in #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" just as he said to put it in the last line in the pbo, and made sure to drag the "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" where it said to. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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