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  1. I think, that DEVs wanted to fill some gaps so the server will be better in Vanilla state and not over-scripted. As you can see nearly everyone will do 1-click install and fill server with shit scripts for events and zombies which are even worse then all public AI mission systems.. Maybe i am wrong but atleast when they do things you mentioned then they don't have to do it later.
  2. It's not big deal and somebody must saw that, atleast something easy for start :)... Bad resolution in GUI for buttons, text in Trade menu, Inventory
  3. nedfox is right... Bambis from A2 Dayz usually come and say what the h4x there is no zombies... Some players even play for 2 weeks and then game gets boring for them... Some of them build some base and leave and rest leave after their base is destroyed... And the best for the end... Players come and play, build base 1, base 2, base 3.... Be friends with other clans. Everyone lick everyone's lollypop and play PVE The Sims Epoch edition Players vs. AI Missions datadisc. When someone with PVP intesions accidentaly kill them they say: What is wrong with you shooting other people without telling them and ragequit. -------- With vanilla epoch they get bored and all asking for AI missions then for tanks and etc...
  4. I tried different NICKNAMES, IP ADDRESSES, EMAILS ( GMAIL, others.. ), devices, browsers, tor..... Actually i have shared IP address but, that shouldn't be the problem since i have access to many private IPs and computers. Our community uses global bans too in IP board and i am registered in some other communities with IP Board...
  5. I am using my friend's account, because i simply can't register... I always get error: [#100x001] You are not permitted to register a user account with this community. I wasn't a member here before, so how my USERNAME, EMAIL or IP ADDRESS can be BANNED? ( BTW I have similar problem in Altis Life forums but nowhere else with this system ) I tried it all with different combination above + different devices and browsers. I texted Administrators and to support email address several times but no one really gives a fuck. ( [email protected] You message for <[email protected]> from 2015/02/09 could not be delivered. 4.4.0 smtp; Socket connect timeout ) And all i wanted was join with my account and share some scripts with community. What am I supposed to do...?
  6. Well if you wanna have correct loot atm you need some script to add extra loot which kind of take away feeling of epoch (at least in curent files for epoch I tried Bornholm well wehicle spawning is kind of funny you just can add trader to them cus there is like 10 vehicles in 1 spot also have to manualy write spawnspots etc... Wow ... 30% is suc crazy big number .. didn't even expected this! ...
  7. Hello, I would like to get started discusion about more maps in epoch 0.3 cus in time being there are only two maps working in epoch as Altis and Stratis. And as dews said first they are going to add suport for maps as all A3 maps ets and so far what is done is half working cherno ... So my question is that if there are gona be more maps in 0.3 or something like that because Altis is kind of weird and as epoch goes its kind of bad for player base to have only few working maps. Aditionaly i would like to hear from devs them selves if they are going to add more maps ... Or if somebody would be sou kind to share their epoch hive config files for exaple for Namalsk. Thaks for all your friendly answers.
  8. Hi everyone i was playing on unnamed server as player and accidentaly i was able to fly with build mode and wooden floor ( If you think this must kill you then you are wrong. You just have to do it properly.. ). I wanted it post on youtube.com but i didn't record it. So as an ADMIN i recorded it ( on another server ) with similar conditions but as you can see i have GOD Mode in this time... I was able to get up to 4000 meters up in the sky and with proper training this bug can be used as FLY GLITCH. Using HOME or END will get you from fly. Also i bugged AI missions and pardon my AIM... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgz7R03C0pI Stay tunned for my next video.
  9. Does anyone here have some SoldierData.sqf file with Hardcore settings? My players were complaining about difficulty of AI's. I tried some tweaks but when i tried it again AI's response and behaviour was worse. My goal is to eliminate the problem when players go to the mission and with sniper rifle kills entire mission.
  10. I think you should send last lines from your script.log if you want help.
  11. --- I have that idea too, but it was 4 am :D.. One more thing... When someone use custom AntiHack ( InfiStar ) it will cause 2 possible actions, when player go near box AH is trying to delete the BOX in the way: player => set damage to BOX ( when someone havent BE filters fixed it causes BE kick and log into setdamage.log ). Second possibility is that player will be thrown away from box or thrown 10m in the air and that will result in death :D.... The problem is that InfiStar using "box_ind_ammoveh_f" as his Admin boxes, that are invisible for player and they are some how denied for players ( as admin you will not see that problem ). My solution: change "box_ind_ammoveh_f" to "box_nato_ammoveh_f" in lootdata.sqf Since it's not your fault. Noone can blame you or want from you to change permanently your code in the way to cooperate with another scripts for A3Epoch. But if anyone have the same problem.. atleast solution is on the world :P.
  12. Hi there! Since your new release 1.0 version of FUMS some marks appeared on map. Can you please post here how to turn them OFF? Next.. Have you figgured out why some specific loot is spawned in box even if its not in lootdata? ( NLAW missile, RGO RGN nades.. ) and NLAW, RGN RGO nades and some magazines can't be looted. I saw this problem since the 0.92 version in test mission and in 0.95 but not sure if it was SEM or TownRaid. Awesome work BTW ;)..
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