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  1. And here's my server_monitor.sqf: Do not post your whole rpt for that matter. Identify the part investigated. Secondly, you prolly have exchanged _inventory and _intentory from default epoch files (dev typo). If you followed the tutorial but used your files, you must edit other entries of that variable
  2. The development of this tool has been terminated by the original coder, which led him to release his source (perhaps that is what you saw on the OP). I personally worked around with it and start to like it. It is up to everyone that wants to use it to try it and finish it their way.
  3. It has been edited and re-tested lately, I can post you the one I currently use. You need to add it to your description.ext in the part saying (around line 15 in my case): onPauseScript = "custom\Bugs\AntiDupe.sqf"; Create a file called AntiDupe.sqf in the folder path I posted or put it wherever you want and edit the filepath to fit yours. In the newly created sqf file, paste this: private ["_time_count"]; _name = (name _player); _puid = (getPlayerUID _player); cad_pvar_shared_var = player; cad_pvar_server_answer = 0; _time_count = diag_tickTime; publicVariableServer "cad_pvar_shared_var"; while {diag_tickTime - _time_count < 8 && cad_pvar_server_answer == 0 } do {sleep 0.05;}; if (cad_pvar_server_answer == 0) exitWith { _txt = format ["Anti-Dupe: %1 (%2) lost connection (DC Dupe) @%3",_name,_puid,(mapGridPosition _player)]; diag_log _txt; systemChat "Anti-Dupe triggered!"; hint "Anti-Dupe triggered!"; titleText ["Anti-Dupe: You will lose part of your gear because u bad m8.","PLAIN DOWN"]; (findDisplay 49) closedisplay 0; (vehicle player) setVehicleAmmo 0; //Removes all his ammo (also removes items) removeWeapon ItemMap; //Removes their map, but will leave their other Tools and guns removeBackpack player; //Self-Explanatory uisleep 8; titleText ["Anti-Dupe will now kick you because you are bad! An admin has been notified of your actions. This was a warning.","PLAIN DOWN", 5]; endMission "LOSER"; //Kick em to the lobby :3 }; Ofc, it is still pretty customizable depending on the *punishments* you want to give.
  4. i do not use those mods, I however use ZSC 3.0 And okay, i will check... EDIT: I do have take ownership in there... if (s_player_plot_take_ownership < 0) then { if (DZE_PlotOwnership) then { _isowner = [player, _cursorTarget] call FNC_check_owner; If (( _isowner select 0 )) then{ s_player_plot_take_ownership = player addAction ["Take plot items ownership", "Custom\A_Plot_for_Life\Action\plot_take_ownership.sqf", "", 1, false]; }; }; }; Edit 2: I do have custom player unlock vault in compiles: player_unlockVault = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\A_Plot_for_Life\Compile\player_unlockVault.sqf";
  5. Rimblock any idea why its doing my error? People cant unlock safes nor lockboxes and they cant take plot ownership (yes I set it true in init.sqf)
  6. Also, with my previous bug mentioned above, I am not able to *take ownership* of plot pole, idk how it is supposed to work but it seems like the action do not come up when I scroll on it.
  7. My players are complaining that newly placed safes and lockboxes can not be opened. If you are the owner of the safe at least... It tells you *open safe* and then it tells you wrong combo... You can do it when the storage has just been placed down but on restart it says wrong combo whenever you redo it.
  8. yup: if (s_player_upgrade_build < 0) then { // s_player_lastTarget = _cursorTarget; s_player_lastTarget set [0,_cursorTarget]; s_player_upgrade_build = player addAction [format[localize "STR_EPOCH_ACTIONS_UPGRADE",_text], "Custom\A_Plot_for_Life\Action\player_upgrade.sqf",_cursorTarget, -1, false, true, "",""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_upgrade_build; s_player_upgrade_build = -1; };
  9. Which would not matter with the buildings saving I dont think... ? and cars... I did forgot to reupdate it, I just re did it from scratch...
  10. Compiles: http://pastebin.com/f6Mn7Ybr description.ext : http://pastebin.com/M1s7mWbs server_functions.sqf: http://pastebin.com/1sUHkZk4 Server_Monitor.sqf : http://pastebin.com/MEjdAY8e server_updateObject.sqf : http://pastebin.com/3unN8NBc Pretty sure thats those which needed modifications
  11. I verified with diffmerge, all files are the exact same but the edits with Single currency, cant seem to find the problem in them/... Mind taking a look? Ill post them in a paste bin or if you can join my TS idk!?
  12. So would it be single currency causing it? because it is the only linked file I have modified in there... Cars teleporting, gear in safes and such vanishing... this is weird as fk xD
  13. re-did all your files...? What did you modify per say that could of been the issue? Cus right now nothing but characters are saving on restart ill try fresh reinstall of P4L
  14. I am not really good at SQL queries, how would one remove all the entries in DB with any in them as coords? And I do assume that the problem still exists as it still says it in RPT... I used DiffMerge to merge my files and they are supposed to work...
  15. It was working fine until I add it. PERFECTLY fine like no bugs linked t o those cars. I still get the error in the RPT saying error in server_monitor.sqf (which appeared after installing it) _object setposATL _pos; _object se> 3:14:24 Error position: <_dir; _object setposATL _pos; _object se> 3:14:24 Error Undefined variable in expression: _dir 3:14:24 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 195 3:14:24 "MOVED OBJ: "21875" of class WoodStairsSans_DZ to pos: [3993.59,10909.1,0]" 3:14:24 Error in expression <eCargoGlobal _object; UPDATE: Seems like their stuff is back at previous spot. Most likely desync issue on restart... most people claim to be ok. Ill wait and see... ibut I dont like those errors spamming my RPT... and how can I delete the vehicles that did not save correctly? Like those... they spam RPT too! 3:14:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: any 3:14:20 Error in expression <["OBJ","21770","UH1Y_DZE","1200",[any,any],[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]],0],[["> 3:14:20 Error position: <any,any],[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]],0],[["> 3:14:20 Error Undefined variable in expression: any
  16. I linked it correctly, still does it. And some players report that their car cannot be accessed anymore. Keys to it dont work or something... this guy had a blackhawk with black key and on restart its now using a green key that do not exist o.O
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