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  1. Gunnar, Just want to say a HUGE thank you for all the hard work you did on those map additions. Really amazing stuff. I'm just getting into the editing and I recognize the time and effort that all must have taken. Thank you for your time and effort and thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. It works amazing! <3 <3 *** And thanks everyone else for all your helpful hints and suggestions!
  2. lol While some of this isn't bad, I can't see traipsing around in a skirt whether it be grandma style or Cherry Darling style ;). I love any pants/camo style type stuff. I think a nun outfit would be a fantastic skin to ad. Can you imagine rocking a fn-fal and a nun outfit. Good stuff. :D
  3. Thanks everyone for the great input! And Sequisha it goes w/out saying, you are awesome, and I'm confident that w/e you have in the works is going to be both CAMO/VANITY friendly :P Your hard work is sooo appreciated! :)
  4. I think that it's FAB that you "boyz" get to look all snazzy in your "outfits" or "Skins" as you put it(*puffs chest* makes it sound more manly). :P Buttttttt! Girlz just wanna have funnnnn! And that means more girl skins in EPOCH :) I mean we can't even wear a Ghillie suit? wtf. While I'm kickin ass in the Zombie world, I'd like to have a bit more options :). Instead of the same what 4 skins? All of which have my head looking like someone licked it with a paste laden tongue. Who decided this was a good idea?? And please lets not be lazy about it like origins, using the male form with just a female head. Come one now, making us all look like Greta..."I VILL BRRRREEAAAK YOU!" ok all kidding aside, great job, great mod <3 But more female skins pretty please, or at least put the ability to add them ourselves w/out making client side files. :) Thanks again!
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