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  1. -20 "new" zombieskins added. - New event(s) added. - New POI:s are on the way (I guess we are close to or have passed 80 POI:s of different sizes now). - New server. We're upgradeing our hosting capabilities with a new and upgraded server with better memory. - New map TBA. - New video showing two of our custom missions and some of the custom crafting/cooking/farming.
  2. Advanced cooking and farming added. 8 new food items can be crafted Seeds and vegetables (and hemp) can be turned into patches and planted in or near a freenhouse. Greenhouse can be crafted. Cooking tripod can be crafted. Bucket added to items (use it to craft the cooking tripod). Fish can be turned into fertiliser
  3. Hello fellow survivors! Some updates: - New village (Veresnik Village) - New Roadblock POI:s added (3 locations) - NPP Izjevsk added (Nuclear Power Plant Izjevk, Aтомная электростанция Ижевск) - Falling Satelite Event added - New Crafting Script for Metal Drawbridge added (since we don't have metal floors on the server) - New Mission "Trouble up North" - New Mission "Black Lake Bandits"
  4. Some updates: Server name changed to TLF: Frost Survival The Neutral Trader Zone (no safe zone) is added and currently has 3 traders. Scrappy Joe's - Trade scrap for scrap electronics. Buy his mozzies and trade with all kinds of scrap and crap (some items may not yet have a function). Frederic's Farm Shop - Trade dung for confrey seeds (dung is added in the loot tables as well) Buy vegetables, seeds and fertilizer. Courier Mission Trader -Will soon have missions for you. -Trades bandit and hero dog tags for 150/-150 humanity
  5. Update: New POI:s (I think we are almost up to 70 now) A few new scripts The main city of Chernogorsk may soon has a very unique feature. It seems like the cold weather is hard for many players, but all the speznas clothes and some of the other suits are warm, Also classic varm clothes from Namalsk exists. Best feature is that you can craft your own warm clothes from boar skin, leather and string. Staying indoors is another thing that keeps you warm. We really hope for more players soon :)
  6. Also New traders added Hunter trader now has new features and buys Bloodsucker skins Updated loot on the oil rig and on the market-events
  7. Hello, fellow survivors! We have added even more POI:s to the Winter Chernarus server, and we are now up to between 65-70 new or modded POI:s. We have added some new scripts and added batteries to some of the electric items/tools and the possibility to recharge batteries with the generator. Three types of Ghillie Suits can now be crafted. Broken safes and lockboxes can be found and set up as open containers, or repaired and used as normal. Some very special POI:s and secrets are on the way. More will be added to the Toxic Zones.
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