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  1. Second version is the complete mission showing where we placed the new code. Code can't just go anywhere - has to be after the variables are defined and crate has spawned but before the cleanup code.
  2. On our ESLK PVE servers, players are not required to claim or mark missions where bandits are not present. They are encouraged but not required to let other players know that they've looted the mission crate. Since this caused a surprising amount of friction when a player would travel across the map only to find an empty crate, we added code to the standard missions that puts a "crate-visited" mark on the map when a player gets within 10M of the crate. The crate may or may not be empty but at least everyone knows someone has been to the mission crate. Here are the present and visit loops (idea lifted from the @juandayz Bombcrate mission): Here is our complete version of the Construction mission - thanks to @salival for all the help with the coding details.
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    Thanks for the welcome and the help with the update - nothing straightforward about this "simple" change I'll give it a try and see what else I can break ... Payden
  4. Greetings all! Not sure where to post this, couldn't find an "introduction" section, please move it if appropriate. Anyway, relatively new to the forums, recently re-addicted to Arma 2 DayZ. Some of you will know Duke (ESLK). I'm a recent addition to the clan and hope to be helping Duke with some of his scripting. Not new to scripting - career software engineer with USAF, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman ... recently retired so looking for work with ESLK:) Chasing around a problem with drinking/filling a canteen from a crafted well this morning, turns out: - Can't fill water bottle at crafted well From water_fill.sqf: _wells = ["Land_pumpa","Land_Barrel_water","Land_Misc_Well_C_EP1","Land_Misc_Well_L_EP1","land_smd_water_pump"]; Crafted: Map_Misc_WellPump, Map_Misc_Well and Map_Pump also can be crafted Need to twist Duke's arm to help me figure out how you go about either fixing this on our local server or passing it along so it can get rolled into the next update. Enough about me - happy to be here and enjoying getting into the weeds behind a game that may very well sink my marriage ;) Thanks! Mike (aka Payden)