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  1. 000000

    Arma 2: Dayz Epoch Infinity PVE!!!

    @DeraGoth still On the server?
  2. 000000

    auto claim missions

    its not better who first shot to mission-ai? maybe you walk/run near the mission but dont want to make it.
  3. 000000

    mission notification UI?

    thanks for reply.
  4. everytime appears a missions show up this right side notification. i wondering the name of this script or if someone know about it. the hud is nice as well starting left to right. left-botton GREEN= fire indicator this 12,760 in red = is your blood next 2 icons = ears,eyes coins Humanity time to restart the server your fps if someone know the name of this script just let me know. pd, i dont have any public server is not about steal or copy the setup of this server.
  5. 000000

    Arma 2: Dayz Epoch Infinity PVE!!!

    1.- you bann us , later you put my ban out and i can loggin and after i explain that i dont did nothing you shoot me in the face and ban me again. (ADMIN:ACER) i understand you have to check a lot of log files i was admin for more than 5 years in the past (when everybody want to play epoch,origins..servers always full 60/60 players) that was a chaos not now if you cant handle a server with less than 10 players maybe this is not for you bro. be an admin is a shit i know it for that reason i never going to be again. (for that reason i just want to find a nice community and have fun) in my personal opinion: the setup of the server was almost perfect a lot of nice missions to make , the patrol ai/heli patrol was OK (maybe to many ai helis doing nothin in the air..but was ok dont shot you or detect you so easy) cons: tanks,rpg,javelins in my opinions dont need it. (really a tank for to make a mission?) using a tank make the players get boring in less than one week. is like god mode ON. all that military stuff is not necessary in my personal opinion because when the player are boring take the tank and starting to trolling/destroy everything around and break the dayz experiences to other users. i wish you the best for your server im not mad about because is just a game but you need to find the way you can control or check your server or what happen in it without made what you make to me.(first line in this topic) have fun. bro. pd, and now you change From PVE to PVP.. really? enjoy.!
  6. 000000

    Arma 2: Dayz Epoch Infinity PVE!!!

    thats right im this other player. ban me without reason. marco friend dragonslayer attack my base just because i said to him dont attack bases. im still waiting the admin tell me the BAN reason. and i repeat it again. i was building my base and type to dragonslayer "are u a dumb, dont attack player bases..wait for an admin." that was yesterday and today pumm! admin ban me. LOL!
  7. 000000


    wao! nice share juandayz! installing....
  8. 000000

    [[RELEASE]] [[Traders in Move]]

    ok. installed and all look working good.
  9. 000000

    [[RELEASE]] [[Traders in Move]]

    gracias por compartir. thanks for share , i will look this when back home. thanks bro.
  10. 000000


    exactamente lo que estaba buscando!.estoy tratando de hacer epoch lo mas post-apocalíptico posible sin el millón de armas/vehiculos que trae, solo estas ["M1014","Remington870_lamp","LeeEnfield","Winchester1866","MR43","LeeEnfield","Winchester1866","MR43"]; y que todo los vehiculos se encuentren en el mapa se tengan que reparar (no mas de 20 vehiculos en todo el mapa) mil gracias., well in resume , for do not speak spanish i just trying to make an apocalypse epoch without the tons of weapons and overpowered vehicles.just some weapons and some vehicles.
  11. ok i will try to see if i can make it.. for give an idea where could be nice your central market. the arrow is for my "entrance" reference. ok, lets work!
  12. nice work., i just registered for say thank to you. muchas gracias,! could be difficult to move the central market to other location? i like this empty field is at right side of stary trader