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  1. What would be the best antihack besides infistar?
  2. thanks for the reply! It says user banned and then thats it they cant join back till the server is reset. I would copy and paste it but Im on my phone. Im trying to get an update but infistar is being an ass he wont renew my license when I already bought it. ive sent him countless emails about it with my receipt and paypal trans number . so Im stuck with this old version of infistar unless I buy it again which I wont do.
  3. Hello like title says. Im getting the error "Active Menu CTRL4". When the player opens the group management. Any help will be much appreciated.
  4. How did you fix this error? Currently getting this message myself and Im stuck...
  5. Forgot the / at the top lol. I was tired....
  6. 7:44:26 Error Invalid number in expression 7:44:26 File mpmissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\safezones.sqf, line 1 7:44:26 Error in expression <\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\safezones.sqf" Any ideas?
  7. Hey guys! Just wondering the missions take way to long to start after the server goes up. How would I speed this up?
  8. "They are there as they offered their support at the time." What does this mean then?
  9. Just because they responded to you doesn't mean they wont respond to all the other players. You dont host a server with them. To them you are a potential customer. Once they get your money they go silent ask the ARK people lol. I can show you my list of unanswered tickets if needed bro :). I have about 10 unanswered tickets all from different days.
  10. Hello! My fine people of the epoch forums, I need a little help installing some scripts :). If you know what you're doing unlike me and have done it before hit me up! Ps, Will pay.
  11. Zupa you are a freaking god. How do I go about setting this up using GTX Gaming?
  12. Hey guys, I have opened a little ticket with paypal and hopefully get my money back. I want to take this a step farther, I know FPS is from the UK. My question is does the UK have any kind of consumer protection like reporting agency you can go to if companies rip you off? I know the USA has a better business bureau is there a UK equivalent to it? I have noticed FPS made a new website and they are hosting ARK servers well who's to say they wont do this again?
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