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  1. as mentioned tho i have no issues what soever on my australian server merged the files with and everything was fine off the bat.... however altis is the issue
  2. i was experiencing it very bad with many players until i started completely from scratch... instead of merging my existing server/mission files with the new epoch update i added them back one by one individually including markers and sensors to the latest mission.sqm this has helped so much only experiencing the odd glitch
  3. are you guys running a vanilla epoch/arma install ? i found that running a complete vanilla epoch/arma install the fps issue went away.... now im going to just re add everything from scratch and keep an eye on it
  4. i can confirm im running it on australia map it runs just as you would expect...
  5. even after "re-enable our vehicle simulation handler" its fine for about 10 minutes then fps is so bad its un-playerable
  6. client side fps on my altis server is sh*t but on my australia map server its fine... hmmmm
  7. It's really easy to set up yourself :)
  8. is your von working... direct communication voice etc for some reason its not working on my linux server disableVoN = 0;
  9. yeh these errors are normal just ignore them
  10. how r u starting the server are you using ./epoch_linux_startscript.sh start ? can you paste your start script? 0:58:16 epochserver (/home/arma3/arma3/@epochhive/epochserver.so) [] [] and do you have a folder called arma3 inside a arma3 folder?
  11. is redis running can you log into it remotely?
  12. is VON working for you? its not working on my server. linux performance is amazing!
  13. Yes that's perfect thank you time to wrap up the script
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