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  1. I made my first overpoch server, everything works good but i cant find the overpoch items at the epoch traders, how do i add them?
  2. I'd like to add a Fuel Pump to traders, how do i do that and what is the classname for the fuel pump
  3. dont sweat it i will try your more detailed guide tmrow, if i have any other problems i will write
  4. yea i realised my mistake i tried with your guide but it still didnt work infistar stopped working and the trader was no where to be seen
  5. allright i tried it did not work, i cant see the trader and infistar wasnt working
  6. yes i tried to follow a yt tutorial and a few others but in my server mission.sqm there are no lines like that
  7. thank you but it doesnt really help me, i want to add a trader or two in Bor i dont need to add custom buildings
  8. I have been trying to add trader city Bor, i am generally new into server making and most tutorials confuse me, are there any more detailed tutorials on how to add trader city Bor
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