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  1. 100% different so I won't merge the two files, I just need to know exactly wich ones are needed for this mod, thx
  2. hamthejam

    [Release] Epoch Admin Tools V1.10.0

    fixing the god mode/teleport bug would be the first thing to do if I was you, it is quite annoying.
  3. publicvariableval.txt ----- can anyone tell me which changes i must do in it?
  4. hamthejam

    dayz standalone meets epoch

    How? when I try that i get a message the file could not be saved because he is in use by ...
  5. hamthejam

    [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.0

    :wub: oh boy that will save me some time! thank you so much El Dub
  6. Yes that is what I say, it works normally when you remove the backpack (s) from the vehicule
  7. Hi guys, noticed something yesterday, When trying to buy from trader and send stuff to MTVR we got a message saying theres not enough room in MTVR. The MTVR was empty of items but was containing 1 backpack. Take out the backpack from MTVR and the advance trade was working. Is this normal or it some kind of protection? maybe comming from a duping script i have?
  8. hamthejam

    [Release] Simple IED Script

    I added this to my server and it works really well, Thanks Spodermayt! ^_^
  9. hamthejam

    [Release] Flyby

    The older events notifications disappeared after adding this, any idea why?
  10. hamthejam

    Official DayZLauncher Thread

    ok thanks for the info! ;)
  11. hamthejam

    [Release] *NEW* missions for WAI 2.2.0

    Awesome! Can't wait to see those in action!
  12. hamthejam

    Official DayZLauncher Thread

    Why wont Dayz Launcher display the full Name of servers?