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  1. not really m using ElDubya great release of overpochins I already humped the crap outa it by adding even more mods to it but when ever I touch the missions in any way it takes away ai from the islands so I figured two wai might do the trick all the missions systems in it seem to be tied together I'm learning as I go I can handle adding mods like a pro but writing my own script I'm not there yet lol
  2. ty for the answer I did go threw each mission as well and change that to wai2 as well I just got this feeling like I'm so close but missing sumthing what I first started and tried it messed with every mission and ai now it don't already run missions from dzms but wanted more its a small amount of friends on it so lots of missions lots of ai
  3. I would like to run 2 wai I'm running a overpochins server wai 1 runs sector b and bandit island with alil dzai support from what I can tell so I wanted to add wai2 just to run the wia missions I went threw and changed every wai to wai2 in every file it loads in no missions spawn and in rpt all that comes up is no owner what am I doing wrong can sumone help me point me in the right direction
  4. thank you thank you alloy about to pull my hair out lol
  5. I know this but epoch has changed battleeye files since the last time I set up a server that I'm kinda lost when a mod asks for you to edit a line that's not in battle eye like 21 7 exec !="<execute which its not there what do you do did the line become a different one its the exec line that I want buts its not in script text
  6. I've been setting up a new server have not had one in a bit but for days now I have been trying to add a few things and almost all the time I get I have to add something to that line where did it go is it got a new title what line took its place ty for answer if any one helps
  7. ty so much ive been digging threw the files lookin for any super admin commands I thought I was missing sumthin how would I go about adding more men to that area yes noob? but this thing is over my skill level its so hugh
  8. sorry to come off stupid but in sector be it seems like an event and if it is how to you activate it? or for that fact any event?
  9. those are fine I have em on mine plus meny others all you might have to do is a car refresh get rid of all cars and choppers and restart server you will see em
  10. will this help? http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26927 there is two different bikes in that section hope it helps
  11. I want to add the other @mas addons what do I do? I tried to combin the three @mas but it didn't work kept getting server not ready
  12. what about sigma-6 vehicle pack? ive been trying to add it just for civilian vehicles no luck yet
  13. I sent you and add on steam I need alil help with sigma-6 vehicle addon
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