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  1. I usually notice them when they explode next to me.... There is a setting in one of the config files which governs the chance of them making a noise but again, in a survivor mode game, these sort of warnings might be disabled.
  2. I've noticed this too but thought little of it. I haven't seen any errors in the logs to indicate a problem so assume there's nothing I've done wrong. Maybe one of the many A3 updates has changed a setting or broken something - it could also be the survivor mode of Epoch which would remove these types of notifications.
  3. Yep, all 3 covers are present. Also, the Bornholm map is version 1.6. I'm not familiar with GitHib but I'll give it a crack unless you know what needs to be done and how..?
  4. Thanks for the link mate but I'm not sure it covers my problem in that I can't exit the spawn building at all. There are no traditional manholes to interact with nor any other means I can see to exit the area. I'll have a better look when not at work. Cheers. EDIT Finally found the solution, it seems the co-ords for the manholes was wrong in the bornholm.h file (in epoch_server_setup). Replaced the telePos value with the one below. telePos[] = { { "Transport_C_EPOCH", { -0.415527, -7.00298, -09.5098 }, "", { 14121.2, 11331.5, 0.000305176 } }, { "Transport_W_EPOCH", { -7.4316, 0.112793, -09.8598 }, "", { 1322.18, 8733.92, 0.0136757 } }, { "Transport_E_EPOCH", { 8.5127, 0.410156, -09.9398 }, "", { 15639.3, 191.995, 0.000153065 } } }; Credit to @Stealth79 for this. The original thread is here. Thanks to you too @Ghostrider-DbD- for putting me on the right track.
  5. Um, I would if they existed. There is two stacks of pallets where I would expect these manholes to be.
  6. You might need to change other loot related settings. Props to @He-Man for the following;
  7. Hi all, I had a couple of questions I was hoping someone could answer. I'm currently playing on a Bornholm server of mine. I've died and re-spawned in a clone chamber which seems to have no exit? Also, I notice the icons in the top right and they, for the most part, seem fairly self explanatory but there's one with 3 wavy lines which has me stumped - anyone know this one?
  8. I may have not explained myself correctly in my previous post, but I have done this. Let me stress this point: the default dayz_server.pbo in the official release works, even if it's internal structure seems wrong. But any attempt to modify that PBO results in the errors I've mentioned. If I take the dayz_server.pbo which, as I said does work, unpbo it, make no changes and then repbo it, I get the errors mentioned. I can only see a couple of options; my PBO manager tool is hopelessly corrupting the PBO when it repacks it OR there's something about this PBO which is resulting in it not unpacking or repacking correctly. I'll revisit some of your previous suggestions re the prefix and structure to be sure. The dayz_server.pbo is the one from the official release here => The .RPT file hasn't changed as the problem hasn't changed. The second literally says exactly the same as the first.
  9. Well, this is getting weirder and weirder... I started fresh, dropping the dayz_server.pbo from the archive I've already mentioned into the @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons folder. Game starts normally, ran around, popped a few heads, no dramas. I created a new dayz_server.pbo with the "correct" structure, without the extra "addons" or "z" folder. Game gets stuck at "waiting for server to start authentication" - the .RPT reads as that in my first post. I then took the raw expanded dayz_server files from the archive and simply compiled a new dayz_server.pbo - had the same issue as above, the game waiting and dropping me back in the lobby after it times out. I used a fresh install of PBO Manager 1.4Beta x64 - and really, I've never had any issues with this over the years. Is the dayz_server.pbo in this release obfuscated?
  10. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain this Iwbuk, I appreciate it. :) I do see what you mean, however, could you try something for me? Download the DayZ_Epoch_Server_1.0.6.1A_Release.7z archive from this link and have a look at the file structure in the archive and of the existing dayz_server.pbo The picture I posted above shows the folder layout of this archive with a "Z" folder. Not staying it's right but that's what it is.... ;) (RL calls, so I must call it a night, thanks again for your (and Salival's) help.
  11. Thanks for the help guys :) With regards to the $PBOPREFIX$.txt - I didn't add the .txt that's how it is in the release. And I'll believe you guys if you tell me it's not supposed to be that why but why does it work if I don't touch it? And why does the mission init.sqf point towards this structure? And why does my brain hurt now?
  12. But this is what extracts from the official release... and the code (for example; "z\addons\dayz_server\system\dynamic_vehicle.sqf") all points to this structure?
  13. Hi Salival, thanks for the post. I have checked for this but that file is there. I've made several changes (WAI, DZAI and some Epoch events in the module folder) so I'll try making one change at a time to see if that changes anything. I did find other posts with exactly the same problem but no resolution. Note my placement of the DZAI & WAI folders - have I got that correct or have I misinterpreted the install instructions?
  14. Got a bit of an odd one here and I sure could use some wisdom from those more experienced... I've installed a fresh Arma2 and dropped in the latest files. Configured things to my liking in the mission init.sqf and launched the server and then the game. Few minutes later I'm on the shores of Chernarus. Happy that things are working I decide to add WAI and DZAI - the install seems to go well. The server starts without issue and I join the server but I get stuck at the "waiting for authentication" section and eventually it drops me back to the lobby. A quick look in the .RPT shows; "Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\xxxx not found" I thought that maybe PBO Manager might have been corrupted so did a fresh install of that (even tried CPBO) but no change. It's like the server PBO becomes corrupt if I tinker with it. I've also deleted my character from the database but no effect, I've also made sure all files were "unblocked" after downloading and installing and I have "verify signatures = 0" in the config file. Any thoughts?
  15. Haven't seen this problem in a while. In your Dayz_Epoch/addons folder find dayz_code.pbo and extract it with the tool of your choice. In the /init folder (or where ever your custom file is) find compiles.sqf. Open compiles.sqf in Notepad++ and file this line; if (dayz_clientPreload && dayz_authed) exitWith { diag_log "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!"; }; and replace it with; if (dayz_clientPreload && dayz_authed) exitWith { endLoadingScreen; diag_log "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!"; }; Game should now progress. Linky
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