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  1. ok i did what you said but still players are getting deleted from the database
  2. Gonna try this when im home from work thanks i will let you know
  3. do you know how to fix this the others i got that fixed but those 3 im not able to fix or how to do it here are the files i use
  4. Thanks for helping i will let you know if i need some help agian atm fixing the errors
  5. Hello all i have a problem with my server when the server restart or if a player relogs the server reset his character data its not always but out of no where idk where the problem is so i hope somebody can help me fix this HiveExt.log Server Logs Scripts i run on my server Single Currency 3.0 Advanced Trading Plot Management Door Management Wicked AI 2.1.4 build vectors Snap Pro btc logistic (Dayz Epoch version) advanced alchemical crafting v3.3 Deploybike Mining ESSV2 Spawn menu CCTV Welcome Credits DZGM Group Management Axe Cop Service Points for SC
  6. Hello all im looking for somebody who wants to maintain our server and knows how to do it ! You dont need to pay for the server or anything else i will do all of that. Why i am looking for somebody, because i just dont have the time anymore to maintain the dayz server we allready have a good player base so if you have interested. You can contact me on Email: [email protected] TS3 : ts3.g4fcommunity.eu
  7. Hey RimBlock got a question i want to run plotmanagement 2.1 and i wanne use your new version only 1 problem is Player_build.sqf is not in there and plotmanagement needs it can you fix this or is there a way to work arround it here is the link to show you on step 7 https://github.com/DevZupa/PlotManagement/blob/master/P4L_Epoch.md
  8. Hello all i really have a big problem i cant find why this is happing but it is sometimes not always it removes the player character data so he lost all his gear and stuff and respawns fresh at the coast after he reconnect or if he comes back after server restart its not showing any errors in the rpt logs that why this is happing
  9. dint work still the same issue i still get this 13:59:05 Error in expression < = _primary select 1; _stats = _primary select 2; _state = _primary select 3; _w> 13:59:05 Error position: <select 2; _state = _primary select 3; _w> 13:59:05 Error Zero divisor 13:59:05 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerSetup.sqf, line 56
  10. i did what you said but still same error
  11. Did you install the plotpole for life script if so check all the steps again thats what i did to fix the issue
  12. Hello all im trying to find out how to fix this error 18:15:42 Error in expression < _primary select 1; _stats = _primary select 2; _state = _primary select 3; _> 18:15:42 Error position: <select 2; _state = _primary select 3; _> 18:15:42 Error Zero divisor 18:15:42 File z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerSetup.sqf, line 64 this is the server_playerSetup.sqf code between line 60 and 71 //Wait for HIVE to be free //diag_log ("SETUP: RESULT: Successful with " + str(_primary)); _medical = _primary select 1; _stats = _primary select 2; _state = _primary select 3; _worldspace = _primary select 4; _humanity = _primary select 5; _lastinstance = _primary select 6; //Soul start: SC Edit >>> loading player cash into variable / overwriting default 0 value with returned value. _cashMoney = _primary select 7; //Soul end: SC Edit the player data gets deleted why idk never had this before and dint change anything in there so after restart or if a player rejoins he data gets deleted and he respawns as fresh spawn any idea with this is and how to fix it ? the scripts im running = cctv door management DZGM lift/tow Plotmanagement single currency script 2.0 and some others :P
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