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  1. This seems to not work for me. No RPT errors. It loads just will not delete vehicles after restart. Running Chernarus
  2. They are already there just sit around the air field for 5 to 10 mins something will show up :)
  3. A simple google search of ArmA 3 recoil hack and I got this, Looks like what your having issues with.
  4. Currently using a much more "Hardened" version.. 8 people rage quit my server today xD Join in to The Final Hour if you wanna see how hard it is :P
  5. Welcome to The Final Hour! We are a small community looking to expand in order to keep us up and running. We have 3 or 4 players at the moment and 1 admin. If we gain more players we will be looking for new moderators. Our current custom scripts include the following. Snap Build Pro WAI with improved ai difficulty Indestructible bases Starting loadout Safe Zones A special little script that allows you to build your base on a mtvr and have a portable base :P (Its a secret how you do it but is very easy to figure out) and many other scripts. We have reduced the mission file it is less than 600kb as I run all the scripts server sided and not client sided. We are using a fast reliable dedicated host in Atlanta,Georgia with tethered gigabit upload and download running off an SSD. I can guarantee high frame rates as me and my players all get 50+ FPS. First 5 people to join our ts3 and claim your spot will get a free Armored SUV Teamspeak 3: Arma 2 Dayz Epoch Mod: Hope to see you soon!
  6. Might be your fn_self actions? maybe another script?
  7. Delete their character from the database,seems they are spawning in debug zone.
  8. Could we get your RPT for when you start your server? Are you using default files,Have you modified anything? What anti-hack? Many things we would need to know before this can be answered :P
  9. Already testing :D join in at PS its an african server so if your like me you will have 500 ping :P Have not gotten my custom missions yet. using a mission from WAI but the AI are much smarter :D
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