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  1. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0oj51wpld3d4yga/overpoch%20orgins.zip?dl=0 I do not take credit for this i just put this together Credit(s): {Kol9yN, Gerasimow9, YuraPetrov, zGuba, A.Karagod, IceBreakr, Sahbazz,} <=== top of the init for epoch RimBlock, prominentalex, ebay, WAE, BuddyRole, SpreadKiller, Defay, Cen, Axe Cop, maca134, MisterSunshine, Defent, raymix, Mikeeeyy This was made on a vilayer server so you might have to change some files like the mission and server folders names. That is if you don't use vilayer. Addons: Mission system with OverPoch weapons (A.I.) Custom Loot for OverPoch Action Menu: Deploy Bike Deploy Motorcycle Packing Vehicle (only bike) Self Blood bag Flip Vehicle Group Management Color Filters (15+ I think) Change view distance (about 10 different view distances) donator tab for admins (you got to add it your self and the donator file) Plot for Life Group Management Custom GUI Service Point (Auto refuel and repair) Snap Pro Safe Zone (Traders but not all of them only the main ones)(Bandit might not have a safezone so you will have to add it) Walking Zeds Anti Abort Duping fix Anti Salvage in Trader with 2 sql files SQL 1 is for clean up so when a player dies it will delete the dead body (it builds up if you don't delete it) and to delete destroyed vehicles SQL 2 is a trader_data.sql its there but i would not recommend to use it but if you do. Make a back up of your trader_data.sql before using mine. Vilayer: adding the Origins map to your mod. Step 1: If you have OverPoch already installed you can upload your Origins files from your Arma 2:OA with the key (you can download this with Dayz Launcher) or you can uninstall your OverPoch if you have it downloaded and then install the Dayz Origins mod and then uninstall it (so that the origins files and map is in your servers directory) and then reinstall OverPoch. (if you can't find the key in your Arma 2:OA folder i left a bunch of them in the server files under the readme folder) Step 2: once you have your map Origins map in you servers directory then go to epoch manager and change your map to tavi Step 3: upload my files to your server (mission and server files) (if your using your own pbos then go into you mission.sqm and change chernarus to tavi if it hasn't already been done) Step 4: go to your util and then look for and open overpochmods.txt Step 5: change it to this @DayzOrigins;@DayZOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZOverpochServer OR it might be this @DayzOrigins179;@DayZOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZOverpochServer Step 6: start up your server it should be good to go if not look at you debug\Console Monitor Dedicated Server(Might not be right): adding the Origins map to your mod. Step 1: download Origins and then upload\copy it into you servers directory with the key (you can download this with Dayz Launcher)(if you can't find the key in your Arma 2:OA folder i left a bunch of them in the server files under the readme folder) Step 2: make some changes if needed to the mission files and server files (maybe you just need to change the name)(if your using your own pbos then go into you mission.sqm and change chernarus to tavi) Step 3: then go into batch file and change the addons for -mod= to @DayzOrigins179;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server or it might be @DayzOrigins;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; Look at the readme folder for extra addons, battleye filter changes, and infistar changes
  2. ok, but quick question gmod... vip +? thats game content for money? and bf3 and bf4 selling player slot whitlists or mabey just bf3 i forgot. Is there something to these? and can i say "donating for perks" like the buket mod did in minecraft?
  3. Navaeh really easy and thank you also i didn't know that this is "illegal" but thanks for the help! dont know if i should post the link tho since its "illegal"... if you want it you can find if you read...
  4. so i want to add a donator trader in the main trader cities but i dont want to add a dome to kick players out that dont match the player id would this work if i or you (if you would be nice enough) added a little work into it ~~ file = server_traders.sqf ~~ if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["0","0","0","0"]) then { trader config with donator traders } else { trader config without donator traders };
  5. can someone make a script using the unlock non key script so that if someone breaks the driver side window you can unlock the car (only for cars)?
  6. I'm hosting a OverPoch server that uses Epoch and Overwatch 0.2.5. (my copy and paste doesn't work for some reason on this website so sorry if things are off a little like .sqg instead of .sqf) . When I log in to the server for the first time on the restart loot spawns in but after I loot it doesn't spawn ever again or if im lucky a hour after I loot it. Loot will spawn. I've tried DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 1; , DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 10; , and DZE_LootSpawnTimer = 0; (with # zero after I looted the starting server loot it spawns in more loot later {like about 30 mins to 1 hour} and seemed to spawn in 2 sets of piles of loot throughout the building/buildings in 2 min intervals and then it stopped spawning loot) (placed in my inti.sqf) and non of those worked or seemed to work. I've heard that epoch lowered the loot spawn from some people who play on my server but I think that custom loot tables might be affecting it. but if epoch is affecting the loot spawn may I be pointed to a forum that shows me how to change this. also all of the overwatch weapons spawn in or most of them to my knowledge. so the scripts are working for custom loot tables but I might have misplaced one of the scripts to were it can spawn but not respawn or restock the pile into the server for another loot pile. for the custom loot tables i placed this in my inti.sqf DZE_MissionLootTable = True; and in my description.ext under enableItemDropping = 0; I placed #include "custom\loot\CfgBuildingLoot.hpp" also i will provide the custom loot .hpp files later but i don't got them set up right now.
  7. this works now but I've ran into another problem. the DZGM icons don't show but everything else works. im going to try and diffmerge or add in the icons to the hud file. edit: got it to work just took the text from the icons.hpp and include(pasted) it under the "class RscTitles{" in the ATD_Hud.h file. Thanks for the help everyone
  8. dose this work with DZGM (group management) because I've been going at it and trying to get it to work and no progress. new errors pop up when I fix the old ones. if I run the gui by its self its fine and same for the DZGM. I need some help maybe some one can show me their description.ext and the their edited files for the dayz_code by the way im not using SC and also running an OverPoch Server. (is it just me or dose link, quote, and pasting not work?)
  9. need help I have no idea what to do with the while {CONDITION} do <---------do I put the 1000.sqf here? { STATEMENT; <--------do I put setviewdistance 1000; and bis_fog = 0; here? }; if someone can make a example so that I can just change the code where the view and fog is that would be great. P.S new with this stuff
  10. It doesn't allow me to copy and paste so I just put it in the files of why I need your help but I can join the overpoch server the first time and the 2nd time I can load in but an epoch loading screen is stuck I can hear but I cant see my units camera the only know way to fix this is if I log out and restart the server but my epoch server (which is the base files and almost the same) doesn't have this problem. Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead description.txt arma2oaserver.txt
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