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  1. Hey, Im trying to get the server to do stuff (delete a marker basically) when a certain player disconnects. either _MEH_disconnect = addMissionEventHandler ["Handledisconnect",{ if ((_this select 3) == plyrname) then {dcname = (_this select 3)}; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",(_this select 3)]; }]; or ["Stacked_EH", "onPlayerDisconnected", {dcname = _name; diag_log format ["%1 disconnected",_name];}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler;works. Its not even giving me an rpt error... Am i even close to using those eventhandlers correct? the documentation on the BIKI is not enough =( loop that is waiting for variable change is waitUntil {_startTime + territory_time_limit > time or (getMarkerColor "TerritoryWars_dot" == "") or (dcname == plyrname); sleep 5;}; Or is there a way for a script running clientside to exitWith {deletemarker "blablabla"}; when he disconnects?
  2. from what i recall it is only addactions attached to player that gets you kicked by epoch ah, not addactions attached to objects, in this case a vehicle (_cab), so it could be worth a shot if you change the method to call a cab, maybe attach an addaction to an object inside each trader instead?
  3. thanks for reporting, but im not developing this any further, you should check out Transport for Arma instead:
  4. remind me, why do i even bother checking back on this thread? its NOT epoch antihack compatible! atleast read the first post before you attempt to install a script... Im gonna help you anyway, use mgm's Transport for Arma instead, because IF you read his first post, it IS epoch AH compatible, but you might have to spent a couple of minutes configuring that script which might be to much for you lazy f-cker.. edit: oh, i forgot to give you a link to mgm's thread, because searching is probably not for you now, is it?
  5. edit this: class RscTitles { #include "dialog\statusBar.hpp" class CfgNotifications { class cabtext { title = "Nibble Taxis"; iconPicture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\mapcontrol\taskIcon_ca.paa"; color[] = {0.8,0.8,0,1}; description = "%1"; duration = 5; priority = 0; }; }; }; into this: class RscTitles { #include "dialog\statusBar.hpp" }; class CfgNotifications { class cabtext { title = "Nibble Taxis"; iconPicture = "\A3\ui_f\data\map\mapcontrol\taskIcon_ca.paa"; color[] = {0.8,0.8,0,1}; description = "%1"; duration = 5; priority = 0; }; };
  6. for that i need your description.ext, you probably have duplicate class cfgnotifications
  7. post it on github already! =) i have a airtaxi script in development, maybe we can merge/use your framework?
  8. make sure you edited your mission.sqm properly, post it here and i will have a looksie, or just wait until mgm publishes his Transport for Arma, which looks awesome
  9. I will install epoch 0.3 on my testserver this week and see what has changed, I've not bothered updating since a rarely play any more.
  10. yeah its because you already defined cfgfunctions somewhere else, likely in the greenzone/notifications.hpp
  11. This can easily be done and I would gladly do it just press the spoiler below and donate what you think it is worth: In all seriousness, I cant think of a way to give a certain player the scroll action unless you add his GUID to a list, but that would be a pain.. Maybe something you can choose to do with your freq jammer? And also add a cost to it? Give me some ideas!
  12. Yes, im terribly sorry about that, i made a mistake when I introduced marker_refreshtime. A fix has been pushed to github
  13. hmm, thats weird since i clearly stated in the first post that this is NOT epoch AH compatible
  14. make sure you dont add the stuf in the init.sqf under the line: If (isDedicated) exitWith {}; if you have one.
  15. What software do you use to compile the pbo?
  16. It refreshes, every 5 seconds if i remember correctly. Yeah it was pretty sloppy put together, I published a new version now, see first post Try the new version, it has better code to add the scroll option
  17. the variable "cab1occupied" is defined inside the "NibbleGaming_taxis.pbo" that runs only serverside. please check your rpt log for the line #NibbleGaming Taxis: Published client variables if you cant find it, you did something wrong when compiling your pbo
  18. yes you can! I just added this, check first post for github link and use those files instead.
  19. It was actually me who screwed up, i forgot to add that exception when I edited the first post. fixed now
  20. you are absolutely right, It's changed now. I also updated first post with link to github instead of dropbox. I actually knew this since I had a player named "Callis" who always got kicked when entering a trader safezone on my dayz epoch server =)
  21. the file publicvariableval.txtoriginal is not used, you need to add the exceptions in publicvariableval.txt and dont remove "call" from that file, add exceptions instead, otherwise your server will be vulnerable
  22. Yes it should work with any map as long as you edit the positions. You need to edit files in the pbo (mentioned recently in this thread) and also the stuff you put in the mission sqm needs to match the new positions.
  23. Im really looking forward to see this =) And as I said, you are more than welcome to use any part of my script.
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