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  1. Bonjour tout le monde, merci beaucoup a l'equipe Epoch de diffuser les server file afin que nous puissions faire nos propres serveur Epoch :) Hi everyone, A great thx for Epoch team to share server file, we can make our dedicated server ;) Voici le tuto que j'ai mis en place hier et qui tourne sans probleme : http://www.gameoverblog.fr/tuto-epoch-arma3-serveur-dedie/ Now this is my french tutorial to make it : http://www.gameoverblog.fr/tuto-epoch-arma3-serveur-dedie/ Merci a tous et bonne journée Thx everybody and have a nice day. EPOCH FOR EVER
  2. Hello I refreshed my Tuto to setup a Dayz Epoch Private or Public like you want http://www.gameoverblog.fr/?p=2652#more-2652 Thx for the Epoch Team to make this Mod Alive. Good luck for A3 mod French version
  3. i've the same trouble :( I can see the groupe of trade item (like shotgun etc....) But nothing in it I've DB trader and server_trader.sqf Any Help Other Question here in DB traders_data : 1437 ["ItemWatch",3] 100 [2,"ItemSilverBar",1] [1,"ItemSilverBar",1] 0 142 trade_weapons Tid = 142 Here in trader_tids 459 Black Market Weapons 142 460 Black Market Ammo 142 And Noting in 142 tids in serveur_trader in MPMission That's normal ?
  4. true, mistake in my Dayz_server.pbo :) Thx New mistake now :p Trader where empty
  5. With friend it's better http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IJNVi3GI6c&feature=c4-overview&list=UUVCa-iC_595RXMwufkUmxJg
  6. Hello I put the Update on my server All Fine :) I've put the SQL update and now, i have nothing on my map My base, Building, Car, Truck, Helo, all is gone. BUT :s all is in my database :( when i'm teleporte on a car, nothing in game ? any clues ? Thx
  7. Wwaaahhooouuuuu Every 30min you gone to flood you server :(
  8. Yop Friend it's in french BUT i think you can understand http://www.gameoverblog.fr/2013/07/15/tuto-installation-serveur-dayz-epoch/ enjoy
  9. Hello Need Some Help Plz This Is my Spacecake.sqf I want To add : Bleeding 100 chance but i can't find the Bleeding variable. Well Actually, you can use CupCake to Deal With Mamie Nova to take "ItemDrogue" (Space Cake) My Next step is To creat the Space Cake. But All I Try it's a big Fail. - I can Have My SpaceCake By without restriction. I want to use my knife to cut Grass on (Building name GreenHouse) Actually when i right clic on my knife i've Harvest Grass If (_Near == "Greenhouse") then Random = 50% If (Random > 50%) Then AddMagasin = Grass Else Text = You don't have chance. Every one can help my ? Just to show my how it's work, after i'm going to make the same thing with Alcool :p Thx for Everyone
  10. of course but you need too mod your Dayz_epoch PBO ..... :) Next Step : To your drug yourself but it's more difficulte cause i wanted to make some thing like CUT action when you are in front of a Building have 50% Chance to loot Drug substance And After Cake + Drug + Near Fire = Space Cake :p If you thiung you can help me :)
  11. Hi everyone. With my Space Cake Script i wanted to put the Bleed On every time you eat this Cake. But i can't find the Variable to put in TRUE :) Anybody can help me ? cheer
  12. Nox

    DayZ Stand Alone!

    me too, Dayz Stand Alone = No way :) I need mod :) i love mod, :)
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