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  1. i find it drops a few times a week usually early morning aussie time 3- 4 am , gmt 10:00 .
  2. hey zenithovman will you guys have a server live with this terrain soonish ? EDIT: AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!
  3. small clone tank then even better since its small its takes a while to grow a clone (cooldown) and since when do people raid base's when people are online XD.
  4. like the idear of a bed but maybe default limit of 1 per person with the a cool down on use.
  5. with the jack i recommend carrying 2 as a lot of flat top cars just wont roll over on one.
  6. would be cool if you could set up say a 24 hour lock and if you wanted to lock it for longer you would have to pre pay per hour in krypto . no a perfect system but it could be interesting .
  7. hi i only build on indestructible base server's due to people only ever raid when your offline i've only ever had 2 people try to raid me when i was online. on the flip side i love taking base's on adk when we left the server (which had indestructible base's) i had 35% ish of the database under my name from base take over's (learn to build) so it would be nice to have a system in place to slow down attackers when the owners are offline (maybe detriment by any one who has opened the doors in the 3 weeks) not stop them but make it a incredible slow process when there are all offline.
  8. now a server running that plus a urban map could lead to some real awesome combat.
  9. zenitmonth [Z] clan replaced a lot of the buildings with arma 3 altis/stratis buildings on there server , might be something to look into .
  10. its a window ofc it's legit block it off if you dont want people coming through .
  11. ah mate different mods , blue prints are a bp thing , building system works by double clicking the materials in ya inventory.
  12. had a bit of a bounce around cherno eliminating anything stronger then a sumvee .
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