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  1. Fixed, thanks. ;) Didn't know it had been written over.. Both links should be working now.. A2 = http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/Backpacks A3 = http://epochmod.gamepedia.com/Back-packs
  2. Pmba79

    Admin Ban

    Now I can't get on to Mells House again, on account of a Admin Ban I got on Skaronator for complaining about hacker on the server.... :( Getting quite tiresome... Would you please get him to remove it or give me a mail adress for him so I can complain directly ? I have NEVER used any kind of hacks in my life, I don't even know how to ?! - This is rediculus.....
  3. I like nr 1 & 2, cool ideas.. As for nr 3, if safes are put in, they should be coded like old epoch or some other form of locking not related to the biometrics, like the doorlock and cars.. If it's not locked on a timer that is (like the cars) It should still be possible to break in to the safes. Old epoch had a 4 digit code, that's a shitload of possibilities but still possible to crack..
  4. "me and 5 friends played for a hour " Not much of a chance to give a game like this.. Personally I already logged about 150 hours in this mod and I really enjoy it.. Give it a chance, it's actually quite good ;)
  5. Right on AWOL ;) Satchel charges !!!
  6. It's not that hard to find.. Granted, they don't lay on every corner, but salvage metal ain't to hard to find.. It's the vanilla, it's supposed to be hard as fuck..
  7. 1. Skaronator 2 Pmba79 3. We got killed by a hacker, got it on video..
  8. Bornholm by Egil Sandfeld Would love to play Epoch on this one.. http://youtu.be/uGt6uDMhBfY?list=PL15Ti0ZQp9XakMa2l47ef7Z5tLjX_xUx7
  9. Hey Meepey I where one of the guys you had a firefight with, when nu3gl0JIbka joined the "fight"... (Ingame name : [TWP] Pmba79) We got some video and ss from it... http://i.imgur.com/gvRrNnz.png?1
  10. I just got in, arma had chosen the wrong epoch extension.. Disabled the wrong one and enabled the new...
  11. Laugh all you want.. Couldn't care less ;) Ever played DayZ or the old mods ? Shit happens and that's only more realistic.. How realistic is it in an military "simulator" to have a dot flying in mid-air to show you where your team are ?? ( besides - "Go left, no, your other left" -is only being a fullblown retard.. ) - communicate ffs
  12. Jups,, fully updated but can't connect, keep getting kicked... Tried Mells house, skaronator and both gtx servers among alot others..
  13. Well, yes.. I would like to see the hexagon's removed as they aint excatly realistic... That way players would also actually have to talk to eachother to give the location..
  14.     Agreed, no need for markers on them.. But persistance over server restart would be great.. I like this idea quite alot..
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