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  1. Or run the crashed heli script right after the supply drop. Now THAT would be interesting.
  2. Working on a patch to allow @MAS to work as a server side script, for those who don't have @mas installed, plus other mods. Should be quite simple really.
  3. Sadly, no. Sorry :[ You can always add more buildings to the spawn list though! :D
  4. any ideas? This means that the buildings listed, do not have an area where the loot can spawn.
  5. Does anyone have the decrypted mission.sqm file for Bornholm 1.3 please?
  6. If anyone wanted the version I have on my Bornholm server. This might have some duplicates..
  7. So I just started a Bornholm testing server, and for some reason, my server has banned me permanently. I've checked the BE ban list, I'm not listed. Checked the bans-epoch list, and I'm not there either. Tried connecting too many times, thus causing the server to keep loading my client side information, and banning me. Dang. How can I unban myself from my own server?
  8. This has seriously been discussed over 1000 times. Search.
  9. Excellent. When you're ready to release Liquid Shadow, could you make a thread please? :D
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