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  1. I'm just looking for the auto restart with restart warning msgs... that's about it!
  2. So as the tittle says we have some problems with the BEC on Wine. We have found some tutorials with the correct bat files but none of the download links seem to work. So if anyone of you kind people have them it would be much appreciated! :) Thank you!
  3. That does sound a little weird :D I am using Souls version The money data and bank data still is in the database, it haven't changed a bit... So that's why I'm confused.... Even the Bank Saldo data tranfsers to a new character if your old one dies but it doesn't work ingame...
  4. Hey guys, so we have had Zupa's coin system on our server for a quite while now but a few days ago, all of our players coins disappeared, so we went and checked the database. The correct values are still there but we do not have the correct amount in game. All other features work (trading, banking etc.) but it isn't really helpful. We are using Souls DLL 2.0 Thank you for your help guys! EDIT: The database works properly for other things... Players do have their gear etc.
  5. Dear friends, We have a server running on a linux device but the files are in a windows emluator and everything works fine. The server is showing up in "Remote" and on DayZ commander... As well on http://arma2.swec.se/server/data/567839 The problem is that the launchers can't seem to find active players. As you see on the site it says that Player time is still 00:00:00 We are out of luck with this problem and I can't seem to find a solution. I tried Dayz Launcher but the server there isn't even recognized... If any of you knows a solution it would be very nice! Thank you, Defay -EDIT- As you can see the Gametracker banner below doesn't work anymore as well. And it as well didn't show active players at the time it worked.
  6. I've found out that 5mins before you posted this! That was the problem, in the original 1.1 tutorial that doesn't seem to be stated. That was the problem.
  7. I updated to Souls 2.0 His hud now doesn't work anymore. It doesn't connect to the database. The default one from 1.1 does work.
  8. So just an quick update! The database works, but still no "Any Zupa Coins" in bank dialog window. I can buy at the traders with coins and everything. But again, the prices at the traders show: "Any Zupa Coins". Trading and everything works. Just those 2 things won't work. I'm running 1.1 (999).
  9. Dear friends, I'm in a need of some help. Earlier today I've installed Zupa coin system. Everything works great except the GUI of the banking system. When I interact with "Bank ATM" option it pops up the Bank window and it doesn't show the amount of coins it just says "Any Zupa Coins". The player HUD gives the right information, while the bank system doesn't. Thanks for the help!
  10. I just got the files from @f3cuk's so the UPDATE IS COMING SOON!
  11. This happend to me when I tried using Project Gold Coin. I found out that the playerHUD from Project Gold Coin is interfering with Cen's HUD. I still have not got it to work. Have you got Project Gold Coin?
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