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  1. robaroo

    new villian?

    Any word on this...i really have been looking for the right server...nothing as of yet..i want to feel fear.
  2. robaroo

    new villian?

    Been thinking about this too...a server thats scary as fook..swarms of beast, dogs etc etc... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=245956254&searchtext=horror Would love to see one...
  3. Ive spent the last week looking for a group to join with very little luck. There have been a few nice guilds but mostly people with their own servers etc etc. Going to turn things around and now looking for a few regulars. (3-4 active would be great). A bit about us.... *We arent a guild, clan or online elite warriors. (random tag names every now and then when required from certain communities) *We have no website, ranks or leadership *We have no servers We are a group of currently 4-6 active gamers (few more on and off). Some of us have been gaming together since Medal of Honor. We are all in our late 30's early 40's. We have families, responsibilities and at times fookin annoying wives. We work and therefore dont commit to 24/7 gaming. Some can be found online during the day, some at night. We like to drink and take the piss. We argue, tell each other to fook off every now and then but quickly get over it. One thing we are good at is Arma 3. We all have a good 1000+ hrs clocked. We dont always win and we have a bloody good laugh. We mix it up...Epoch, Breaking Point, Exile, Wasteland (various maps etc etc). We play on busy known servers. We play other games as well every now and then. (some of the big poofs play eve). So as said were looking for a few to join us. We have a TS server (push to talk). So if your (EU based or play UK prime time). 30yrs + have a sense of humor. Can handle drunk australians, english and scotts. Can handle being called this and that every now and then (banta)...give me a shout. Steam: Robaroo Wallafox
  4. robaroo

    A3 Epoch Testers

    I would love to help with the alpha testing too... 40yr old Aussie in Denmark. 600+ arma 3 hrs... Too many to count Arma 2 hours...