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    I am passionate about working with computers, programming and gaming. When I am not at work I spend a lot of time maintaining and scripting my dedicated server. The server is currently running A3 Epoch, It also runs the website and TeamSpeak for the Players & Admins.

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  1. ok still having this problem and can't solve it plz any help would be great
  2. No it's been tested by me and a anther admin. A few trader has access and to 1 inventory slot in the DB. I have also wiped the traders + the inve from redis same again on restart.
  3. Hi I noticed that my traders are sheing their inventories in redis. Was wondering if this was intentional due to the fact I did not see the change in the change log or if this is an error on my end. Thanks. - VJ -
  4. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    it ok got it all working thanks for your info though
  5. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    :-) Thank you.
  6. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    p.s Thanks for the help so far.
  7. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    lol ok im not being clear. I want to I have _VERx (x = a number) I would like to auto increase each turn or will this work _vers = [[x,y],[z,1],[2,3]]; {some code}forEach _vers; and if so would i call them like { _value1 = ((_x select 0) select 0); _value2 = ((_x select 0) select 1); }forEach _vers;
  8. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    OK so can you explain the security risk of doing this.
  9. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    I dont want to change the variable i want to cycle through them in the forEach "loop" instead of typing each one out. and too much extra code.
  10. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    lol accidentally posted to early but finished and reposted.
  11. - VJ -

    ForEach Help

    Can i get some help with a this bit of code. Say I have. _ver1 = x; _ver2 = y; _ver3 = z; _ver4 = 1; _ver5 = 2; {some code}forEach[_ver1,_ver2,_ver3,_ver4,_ver5] // <--- Rather than having to type out all the _ver, is there a way to set it up like {some code}forEach[_ver%1, _x] // <-- like so I hope someone understands what a am asking and if it is possible. Thanks - VJ -
  12. OK I suggest that you go here regarding inifSTAR issues http://board.infistar.de/ This is epoch website not inifSTAR, just aheads up before this thread get out of hand too with "Team EpochAH"
  13. backpack despawns when you put in on Epoch (build 20) tested by me.
  14. its old code already added to PSE
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