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  1. I had fixed this error with SchwEde' suggestion. He noticed that the end of the script in my init.sqf wasn't there and was missing, hence this was stopping the #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" Solved that error, but still having some issues with deploying bikes etc.. I've switched over to the EVD script but that's throwing some issues at me.. I can deploy the bike (it start's to medic action and the text on screen is correct) but no bike spawns unfortunately...
  2. I have only called the ui_selectSlot.sqf once in my main compiles file, like so //ui player_selectSlot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\ui_selectSlot.sqf"; player_gearSync = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_gearSync.sqf"; player_gearSet = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_gearSet.sqf"; ui_changeDisplay = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\ui_changeDisplay.sqf"; ui_gear_sound = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\ui_gear_sound.sqf"; as you noticed in custom\ui_selectSlot.sqf I have a script already above the Right click option that I have added (lock/unlock/start engine) , I will check to see if this script works :) I will also try to remove all the stuff that i added in the config.sqf of the right click options to make sure there are no mistakes there (I'll just restore it to default) I will post my findings :)!
  3. The first block of code is part of the right click script. I have added that to my ui_selectSlot.sqf (I merged them) I don't have DZE_CLICK_ACTIONS defined in my variables.sqf but that doesn't matter as it is defined in the script init.sqf and then into the config (overwrites\click_actions\config.sqf) overwrites\click_actions\init.sqf = http://pastebin.com/GYHKNBSQ (the player_selectSlot = "pathHere.sqf" would be on line 8 but I have removed it as I added the code into my custom ui_selectSlot.sqf overwrites\click_actions\config.sqf = http://pastebin.com/LYgH0R1A ui_selectSlot included with the script = http://pastebin.com/U7Amfd8V my custom ui_selectSlot.sqf = http://pastebin.com/M69RHhc7 my init.sqf = http://pastebin.com/4nJDMwvR my compiles.sqf = http://pastebin.com/F0HMJmgi
  4. Nothing showing in the RPT, server works but the right click options aren't The deploy anything script has a custom ui_selectSlot.sqf already included but I already have a custom one however, In the overwrites\click_actions\init.sqf It has the line player_selectSlot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "overwrites\click_actions\ui_selectSlot.sqf"; I changed this to player_selectSlot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\ui_selectSlot.sqf"; but that didn't work, at all I also removed the line above because I already have it called in my custom compiles
  5. I must've been looking in the wrong place. I've been looking in the configs of the script etc.. Can you see what's wrong with this, the possible cause of it not working? http://pastebin.com/BTN2fHZB I currently have the local key lock/unlock/start engine script added to the file The right click is between line 113 to 131
  6. No way! Can't believe I didn't spot that! Probably because I was up all night, I just missed it from tiredness! That fixed the spamming of the error :) Thanks pal! I'm still having troubles with this deploy anything script.. The right click option isn't working on anything but I think the script is working itself because I'm getting this in my RPT log 13:21:40 BIKE: loading version 2.5.1 ... 13:21:40 BIKE: adding bike to safe vehicle list...
  7. Hi there RPT File: http://pastebin.com/rvGMsqN5 I'm turning to the epoch mod community to see if I can get some sort of help here because I'm not too sure where i've gone wrong My server works(ish) but I keep getting this error spammed in my .RPT file BIS_Effects_Init = true; diag_log "Res> 6:33:27 Error position: <BIS_Effects_Init = true; diag_log "Res> 6:33:27 Error Missing ; 6:33:27 File z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf, line 1 6:33:27 Error in expression <\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" BIS_Effects_Init = true; The script I am trying to add is the I've had problem with it since. The install instructions are pretty simple, simply add call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "addons\bike\init.sqf"; to my init.sqf file underneath my compiles file. Here is my init.sqf file : http://pastebin.com/ZefmkC96 You can see at the very bottom of my init.sqf I have #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\BIS_Effects\init.sqf" but for some reason, the error still gets spammed. Note: I should add at this point that the deploy anything script doesn't even work. (I have added both addons and overwrite folder) to the mission directory. However the deploy anything script has a ui_selectSlot.sqf already included and I already have my own. I Differmerge that and found that the only addon to the file was this //### BEGIN MODIFIED CODE: extra click actions { private["_classname","_text","_execute","_condition"]; _classname = _x select 0; _text = _x select 1; _execute = _x select 2; _condition = _x select 3; // if the clicked item matches, then assign the script call and display text if(_item == _classname && (call compile _condition)) then { _menu = _parent displayCtrl (1600 + _numActions); _menu ctrlShow true; _height = _height + (0.025 * safezoneH); uiNamespace setVariable ['uiControl', _control]; _menu ctrlSetText _text; _menu ctrlSetEventHandler ["ButtonClick",_execute]; _numActions = _numActions + 1; }; } forEach DZE_CLICK_ACTIONS; //### END MODIFIED CODE: extra click actions Which I have added right above _pos set [3,_height]; I've also gone into the overwrites\click_actions\init.sqf and change the location of player_selectSlot to the current modified version that I have already (custom\ui_selectSlot.sqf) I've also uploaded the addons and overwrite folder so that if the problem might be in them, someone could possibly help out. http://www.mediafire.com/download/ny9996chck53o3n/QCubes+addons+and+overwrites.rar Thanks in advance if you can help!!!!
  8. My host - Gaming Deluxe - They used linux based systems and so I had problems for like 3-4 days getting this to install. The problem is in the Query.sql file that's supplied with the mod to create a new table on the database. If your host uses linux then open the Query.sql file with an editor of your choice SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `banking_data`; CREATE TABLE `banking_data` ( `PlayerUID` varchar(20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `PlayerName` varchar(128) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Null', `BankSaldo` bigint(24) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0', `LastUpdated` timestamp NULL DEFAULT NULL ON UPDATE CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, PRIMARY KEY (`PlayerUID`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; ALTER TABLE `character_data` ADD CashMoney int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER PlayerUID; Make sure that all the tables are correct INCLUDING CAPITAL LETTERS. Linux servers require caps and lowercase to identify the correct table. My error was that ALTER TABLE 'character_data' ADD CashMoney int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER PlayerUID; In my database, It is written as 'Character_DATA' Uploading the .sql provided to your database on a linux server will not work as it will not find the correct field. (although it will upload the .sql file still) Hope this helps anyone installing in the future.
  9. I too suggested SC3.0 but I am developing for a friend and he wishes to have global banking instead. Hopefully someone will see this thread and be able to help me :) Any help would go a long way Thanks again man! :)
  10. Sorry, I forgot to add that the picture I took was just showing the directory of where I'm putting the single coins hive. The photo isn't actually the hive one. I restored to my backups briefly. The provider that I am with has included a 'dll' folder in the root directory. In the folder there are: jemalloc_bi.dll nedmalloc_bi.dll tbb3malloc_bi.dll tbb4malloc_bi.dll tcmalloc_bi.dll The host had included these as standard. Where you specified Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 6E68164C Allocator: d:\xxgames\LewisW\8360\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll It highlights into these files. I'd imagine it would bring up the same errors with all files I mentioned above because of different registers perhaps? Should I remove the dll folder from the server directory? I'm just taking a wild guess, maybe the files in the dll folder are required and I am coming across rather newbie. Thanks in advance!
  11. SingleCurrencyBanking-master\999_Hive_Version\Version 1.1\DLLs\ServerDll\HiveExt.dll Copying the one from Zupa's server dll to my own server .dll location
  12. I've added all the .dll files to my root directory and replaced the hiveext.dll file to my @DayZ_Epoch_Server Hosted with gamingdeluxe. I've looked into the RPT files and not been able to find anything yet. I have no idea quite where I have gone wrong.
  13. I'd prefer to use the global banking. Just have some issues trying to get it to work on my server.
  14. Hi So I've been trying to install Zupas single coin currency with global banking into my server all day today and yesterday and I haven't been able to get it working what so ever. Firstly I had conflicting scripts with DZGM but I think I might of possible resolved that issue by moving the definitions in description.ext higher than the HUD I have installed. Now, I can load into my server lobby, I receive the mission file but get stuck at "Waiting for character data from server". With a never ending timer. My .RPT file has now shown no errors from what I can see so I have no idea where to look that may be causing problems. I need this script installed so I can further progress on to installing other scripts that are needed. I just haven't been able to get anywhere. If anyone could lend a helping hand, I'd sure appreciate it a lot! Whether that's identifying my problem somewhere or if I just install my backups and install a fresh. Skype: Polly900 Regards :) :D
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