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  1. Hi, A friend and I has recently got our own server, and so far it went pretty well.. We are looking for someone to help setting up the rest of the server (addons that have not yet been added, etc Snapping). We also bought a homepage (www.nightfallgaming.eu) and anyone interrested in designing and managing a homepage can contact me to get started! ;) You will NOT get any kind of payment or what so ever, as you instead will become a part of our team. Any donations towards the server or website from actice players, will first go to cover the expenses of the server and website, and any extra will be shared among the team. Our host is vilager, and the homepage is bought there too. Come join us and check out what we have so far: Any applications will go to me here on epochmod.com and when i configured my email also [email protected]fallgaming.eu // Nightfallgaming.eu
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