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  1. Thank You, this worked. Kind Regards, Hans
  2. Hello, first of all, thank You very much for the developping of this mod! I ve made a fresh install but when entering the server I ve seen that there is no bank and no coins symbol showing up. In the description.ext I ve the single currency traders option unmarked : //#include "\z\addons\dayz_code\Configs\CfgServerTrader\CfgServerTrader.hpp" // Normal traders #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\Configs\CfgServerTraderZSC\CfgServerTrader.hpp" // Single currency traders I can sell stuff to the trader but cant buy. Here is a screenshot and my RPT file. My server host guy has no idea what is going on. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sb1ar3cpiszgey5/server%20rpt%2021juli2021.txt?dl=0 Any idea how I can fix this? Thank You
  3. hi, sorry you had problems on our server today, the problem has been fixed

  4. This server is a catastrophe, 4 times today I played on and every time i rejoined i spawned back on the first place I logged off!! So loot and all other stuff gone every time I joined this server. conclusion: DISASTER Thank you
  5. All the missions have the line as this: _position = [30] call find_position; --->line 8 So if I change " [30] call find_position; " with a fix position on the map should this work? Result is that this mission will only spawn at this place but that is not an issue, there are plenty of missions.
  6. Thank you for the work, it is a great script!! It ran perfect on my Chernarus map and now I ve switched to Namalsk. The script runs fine but cause of the dimensions of the map and the little hills everywere the spawnpoints are very limited. There is all the time a mission up south Norinsk, the first mission is ended and the new one spawns on top of it. So my question, is it possible to customise the mission spawnpoints? I think now there are only 3 areas where the missions spawn. None spawns on the little island.
  7. Hello Sofabear,


    did you find a solution for that count player script?




  8. Does someone got this working? I have the same issue as Sofabear, the scan option pops up but nothing happens. I thought it was Infistar antihack that blocks the text but there is nothing in the log file. Also nothing in the RPT file eather.
  9. Usually this is caused by Battleye or your anti cheat script as Infistar. First check your log files to see what kicked you. If it is a Battleye kick you have to open Battleye, open the txt file -think it is the scripts.txt - with the filters and change the number in front of the line that caused the kick to 1. Normally you ve 5 in fromt of it. In case its another anticheat script you ve to change settings in the config file.
  10. thank you for the advise, the paint option is in the scroll menu now. The script runs fine.
  11. Hello, I ve installed this script but the paint menu doesnt show up. I use Zupa's coins script () and I dont have a variables.sqf in my mission folder. So I ve put the vehicles list in the variables.sqf of my dayz_code. There are no errors in my RPT file.
  12. Doesnt work on my server, I only get in again when I restart the server.
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