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  1. Dark Matter Gaming is BACK! For over a year Dark Matter Gaming ran one of the most popular Epoch servers. Due to real life we had to shut down. BUT. WE. ARE. BACK! Epoch #1 is the first of our new Epoch severs, it offers an almost Vanilla Epoch experience on the Altis map, with just a couple of mods that players loved before: Server Name: DMG Epoch #1 [1.0] |Indestructible Bases|Missions|High Loot Indestructible Bases Virtual Garage System Safe Zones Spawn Select Repair Centres Server IP: Community Site: https://darkmattergaming.com TeamSpeak: darkmattergaming.com Status: You keep what you build!
  2. OK, I'm on lunch in 15 mins. Do you have teamspeak? TS: darkmattergaming.com
  3. show me your CfgEpochClient.hpp please.
  4. Remove this from the description.ext file and then: open the @epoch folder in the root of your server folder open addons folder find a3_epoch_config.pbo backup your a3_epoch_config.pbo unpack a3_epoch_config.pbo open the configs folder open CfgEpochClient.hpp with notepad ++ or visual studio code make the changes that you had in the description.ext repack a3_epoch_config folder You should be done.
  5. Hello Do you have something like: class CfgEpochClient in your description.ext? Or #include "\x\addons\a3_epoch_config\Configs\CfgEpochClient\Altis.hpp" If so may be breaking your ATMs etc. Remove both those settings and configure them in the following location: @Epoch\a3_epoch_config\Configs\CfgEpochClient\Altis.hpp. Should work then. Mike
  6. Send me your .rpt file please
  7. What data do you want to save?
  8. Download files from here: Link Extract the files to the root of your server folder (should contain arma3server.exe). Browse to @infiSTAR_servermod\addons\a3_infiSTAR Add your run.sqf, A3AH.sqf and A3AT.sqf Repack the a3_infiSTAR to a3_infiSTAR.bpo Add @infiSTAR_servermod; to the end of your “-servermod=” start-up parameters. Enjoy and wait for Chris to update.
  9. I have infiStar working in anyone is interested?
  10. Without HC and to many AI... 70/100 depending on the mod.
  11. lowrey


    I too have upgraded from 3.4.8 to (currently) 4.0.11 here: Link. If you need any help or advice drop me a line. I worked out a few of the kinks some time ago. Anyway bugs aside, version 4 is mostly better than version 3. Mike.
  12. Dude, You need to provide as much information as possible when asking for help! lets start with... What are you getting in your .rtp errors?
  13. Dayz Overpoch? first of all you'll want to post in the correct place ;) Next use YouTube. There are so many good video guides there to help you get started.
  14. If you are seeing 100% CPU usage you have a strong argument, however I do not go above 86% CPU usage under load. So a server grade CPU for me is better than a desktop. Once more as a technician you'll know that it's not just about CPU GHz when it comes to any application including Arma. With server grade technology comes better performance. CPU cycles, CPU queue length , process off-loading even fetch from memory have an impact. Those that don't know better may what to argue on this but it's true (a conversation best placed for another time). I used to use SEM missions, they're great... However STOP using SEM if you want to increase FPS. Forget hardware for a sec SEM had the biggest impact on our server FPS and, client FPS (server and client FPS are not the same thing). I stopped using SEM a few months ago so it may have gotten better however if my past experience is anything to go by you'll want to move away from SEM and over to a well scripted HC mission system (make sure the HC is remote). If you think i'm talking shit (as I say it may have gotten better) try a busy session without SEM running. I'm confident you'll see an improvement and interested to hear your feedback. Your call. Mike.
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