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  1. this is what I added and no kicks. 7 forceAddUniform !="player forceadduniform ((HS_trader_itemlist select _x) select 0);"
  2. While Halv can be very abrupt with answering questions I do appreciate all the hard work him and Suppe put in on these mods and I do imagine they get swamped with basic questions that just annoy the heck out of them. Sifting through all the answers is a challenge and I've spent hours looking through and trying potential fixes on something it would Halv 10 seconds to fix but I guess that is the fun of it. That said this script does work great and it sounds like you just missed a few Script exceptions. in the Scripts.txt try to add these starting at line 39. 7 deleteMarker !HSBlackmarket 7 setMarker !HSBlackmarket 7 createMarker !HSBlackmarket Thanks again to Halv and Suppe for this awesome addon.
  3. Caveman1

    Config file

    When it was listed in multiplayer it shows all the mods active on the server and was showing experimental instead of 3.4.0. I must have missed something because i rebuilt the server from scratch and now it shows the 3.4.0. Would play fine using 3.4 client files but guess i'll take the fix.
  4. You are the man IT..Thank you for continuing to update and support this (and your other) awesome mods..
  5. Caveman1

    Config file

    Can someone lead me in the right direction. Since updating my test server says it's experimental instead of ? Noticed also on the server download the config.cfg still says. Shouldn't that have changed to EpochMod.com (|1.50) and required build = ? // EPOCH SERVER CONFIG // GLOBAL SETTINGS hostname = "EpochMod.com (|1.50) ID02 YourHost"; password = ""; passwordAdmin = "!CHANGE_THIS_PASSWORD!"; serverCommandPassword = "!CHANGE_THIS_PASSWORD!"; logFile = "A3Master.log"; verifySignatures = 2; BattlEye = 1; requiredBuild = 131696;Any help would be great..
  6. another great mod by IT07. Just awesome..No problems. Also plays well with A3AI.
  7. Hello IT. My players have been loving the script but after the 3.3.1 when I try to use it I get an error Resource SC_SARDIAG not found.. Not sure if I mis copied your code in or I have something else going on can you give me a hint where to look? thanks for all your work. Really great stuff. Edit: Nevermind. god I feel stupid. forgot to include the #include "scarCODE\SAR\main_SAR.hpp" // Remove line if you do not have SAR
  8. Seems to have done the trick thank you awol and richie.
  9. Ahh ok yeah that should work the same. I use PBO manager. I've had those text files to set the properties mess up on me in the past so I just set them manually in PBO manager ever since but should be the same. The search continues.
  10. When you repack the A3_epoch_config.pbo set the properties with property of prefix and value of x\addons\a3_epoch_config. Hope that helps.
  11. Humm mine seems to have worked. Been playing on it for a little. did you set the prefix on the PBO after repacking?
  12. Ok so to change the building variables and turn off drones now we have to go into the @epoch find A3_epoch_config.pbo unpack and in the change the cfgEpochClient.hpp to say something like droneRngChance = 1000 and modify the building limits then repack. or am I confused here?
  13. Thank you DarthMard. Exactly what I was looking for and works great.
  14. In order to run this batch would you need to download and install the redis-cli program? From Redis's website all the downloads look to be Linux based.
  15. Thank you IT07. works perfectly with the default antihack.
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