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  1. Still struggling to add loot to buildings. Running A3 Epoch v.5 + Open Chernarus Project So problem I guess is adding loot positions to the new "enterable" buildings. Just adding the buildings to the LSlootBuildings.sqf does not make loot spawn, right? I'm guessing I have to somewhere add "loot positions" for those buildings. Can someone please point me to where I can find "how to" do this? Thanks in advance.
  2. HiBetterDeadThanZed!

    I'm trying to fix or enhance loot positions on A3 Epoch Chernarus map.
    And from your posts, you've probably been doing the same.
    What have you found regarding OCP? Is there a Loot Spawner you're using?
    I came across this one: https://github.com/GBR-Suppe/Lootspawner-Master
    And was wondering if you've used it, and if you have any configs for it, for Chernarus  that you wouldn't mind sharing.


  3. Hi @vbawol Is this still available? Does it work with Epoch .v5? Most of the github links for EpochModTeam return a 404 https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Enhanced-Arma3-Inventory If I grab this from Steam Workshop, how do I install it on our hosted dedicated server? Thanks!
  4. I made some changes to the traders inventory. So they they have 15 drinks, and 15 food. However, when I restart server, and check, the inventory was just like it was before restart. I have a feeling I don't understand the loot system yet, and the traders. Looks like it's a running tally of what ever gets sold to them, and it carries over through restarts. Probably only resets after it reaches a certain point (amount of items). What I'd like to do, is have the traders have a minimum of 15 food and 15 drink at all times is that possible? Thanks,
  5. Thanks! So far, so good. managed to run it in game, selected my first building, added some loot positions. Q1) I can move the crates with the arrows, left, right, back, and forward, and Pg Up and Pg Down to move it up or down. But how do I rotate it? Q2) Is the marker for that particular building I did, supposed to stay on the map? Crap! Server restarted while I was doing all this. I guess it's all gone? Start over? :) Q3) Since I've never really used the debug console, Not sure "how to" 7. When you are finished, read the Variable LootArray with the Debug-Console. Thanks again!
  6. Can someone explain to me how to use this please? https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Tools/SQF/saveLootPositionsVector.sqf I'm running Arma 3 Epoch .5 with Napf v1.2 And notice many buildings don't have loot. 1) So I guess I'd need to know how to extract a list of building class names from Napf v1.2 2) Add loot positions to those buildings? so I can then add the information to the CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp ? I'm not familiar with Epoch yet. Have only played Exile. In exile, you specify loot positions using coordinates (absolute) In Epoch (from what I gather) you specify positions for loot objects, like furniture, fridge, wardrobes, etc. and you do so per building, and it seems to me that those coords are "relative" to some position in the building. I'm familiar with using M3Editor, Eden Editor, etc. for placing buildings, and objects. But still not 100% clear on how the whole loot system works here. And how to configure it from scratch, for a new map. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!
  7. I plan to get a dedicated Epoch server with a host. I have seen in A3 Launcher, game servers running Epoch, with the new Malden map. That's what I'd like to do. How do I get that accomplished? Thanks in advance.
  8. Yeah Really! Not sure what happened. You've made me feel like Rip Van Winkle now. Probably, read several years ago, that no one was going to make it for A3, so I stopped looking. Nice! So are all the Epoch mods available for A3? Was really interested back then, in Epoch Origins, and Overpoch.
  9. I didn't know Epoch was available for ARMA 3. Is it? Maybe there are so many playing it in ARMA 2, because they don't know it's available for ARMA 3. Judging by the vote in this poll, I think it's obvious people prefer it to be in ARMA 3.
  10. Okay. This has really been a problem for us. So, I did some extensive testing. Tried all sorts of scenarios. Then, it occurred to me, that this has not happened to "all" our players. Turns out, it has never happened to an admin. Aha! We are using the built in Admin tool (epoch). So, I figure it has something to do with that. That being the case, is anyone having this problem, "not" using the built in admin tool? Are you using Infistar instead? Does it happen to Infistar users who are "not admin"? :huh:
  11. 1) server playing on: 2) ARMA 3 build 543608 3) I was trying to build a cinder wall outside the freq jammer radius 4) It's repeatable every time. When I tried placing the cinder wall, I walked outside of the jammer radius. The game gives the typical message about needing freq jammer to build, but the count down on placing the item continues. If I walk away, and leave the wall (ghost wall) there, when the countdown ends, the wall gets built anyway, and the wall I was trying to build is still in my inventory. So, I just placed a wall, and still have it in my inventory. The wall remains after server restart. What I don't know (yet) is whether it will disappear in 7 days, since there is no jammer to maintain it.
  12. Has anyone used this on the ARMA 3 Epoch .3.0.1 update yet?
  13. blueman


    Has anyone run this on the new ARMA3 Epoch .3.0.1 update? Just wondering if there are any issues. Thanks!
  14. Still nothing. Is it a mouse scroll thing? Or do I press inventory key? Also, are we talking about the same version of the software? Arma 3 Epoch .2.5.2 ?
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