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  1. Everything is subject to change to what the community wants, the server rules and mods can changed based on what is wanted most. The server has the following mods installed: Single currency and advanced banking. Parachute from high buildings. Blood regen over time. Evac chopper mod. Parachute spawning. Plot protection. Self blood bag. Suicide script. Tow/Lift. Vehicle service points. View distance. DZAI. DZMS with custom OverPoch settings to include new guns. Snap building. Anyone who is interested in playing but would like for more mods to be installed please get in contact with myself duzematrix or duze drizzy in game when we are online and we can arrange for new mods to be added to improve the user experience for our players. The server is currently suffering from being underpopulated but hopfully I can build a strong playerbase with the help of everybody reading this, I strongly urge you to come check us out and play for a couple hours you might just find you enjoy yourself. Clans are welcome to come and join. Rules: Don't be a douche. Base raiding is allowed so don't cry. Stealing items is allowed. No destroying locked vehicles inside bases unless it is being used as a defence turret or to prevent access. (Unlocked vehicles can be stolen and/or blown up) No voice in side chat. No chat spamming. (Whining asking for items etc...etc) Questions are allowed after all we are a community. No stealing in trader cities. No leaving vehicles in trader cities. Server IP: Up and Coming features: Tank and Jets. Grouping system. No weight & 1 Step Build. Safe Cracking. Trader CIty Protection. (Anti Stealing, Anti killing, Anti Zombie) Take clothes from dead bodies.
  2. i can try and help you join me in teamspeak at:
  3. You should do it yourself like the others are saying but if you need some help feel free to join me in teamspeak and ill show you how to do it so you know for the future. ts:
  4. The tools that are given to the admins are interchangable per server if you would like them to be changed to your need I can help you with it just join me on ts:
  5. https://github.com/daeks/Dayz-DNetwork i used there files and they say there for
  6. http://pastebin.com/4HdfeTLi Everything looks alright to me but i'm the one who made the problem in the first place
  7. Where is that located? Ill have a look at it see if I can figure it out. you can join me in teamspeak if you want it might make it a little easier.
  8. Compiles:http://pastebin.com/sKjeSfiF selfactions:http://pastebin.com/6TiNVc1k
  9. I am hosting a dayz epoch cherno server when I go up to the traders I do not get the scroll wheel option apart from the guy who sells parts at bash, I am running daeks dnetwork pack but without the custom sql or the custom pbo in @dayz_epoch server addons because when I install them it just causes the server to crash I need to get the sorted as we had an average of 30-40 people on the old server and there getting impatient about all the waiting. Init.sqf:http://pastebin.com/4VzRGbX1 Description.ext:http://pastebin.com/r3589nDK Missions.sqm:http://pastebin.com/cQP3p5s2 Server_Traders.sqf:http://pastebin.com/MJwhyzU4 If you need any other information please ask and I will post it up
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